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Many Who ‘Recovered’ From Omicron Are Dying 6 To 10 weeks On From Fatal Health Outcomes! Research Needed To Analyze And Figure Out What Is Going On Mar 21, 2022 SARS-CoV-2 BA.2 Variant Continues To Rise Globally, Constantly Spawning Newer Subvariants And Causing Reinfections. New Surge Expected In America Mar 20, 2022,-constantly-spawning-newer-subvariants-and-causing-reinfections–new-surge-expected-in-america However, what is more worrying and is something that Thailand Medical News has constantly been harping about is that the BA.2 variant is more active in terms of evolving and also in terms of recombining even with other Omicron subvariants such as the BA.1.1 and BA.3 and even among its own many subvariants it is spawning that possess unique mutations as it fights the vaccine induced antibodies, the monoclonal antibodies, the various antivirals being used and also exposure to various other human genes and also pathogens in the human host. What is also not being told to many is that these emerging BA.2 subvariants or recombinant variants are able to cause reinfections as even previous exposure to the Omicron variant or even the BA.2 variant offers no protection to these newer emerging subvariants as what is being observed in Hong Kong and also just in the United Kingdom. Breakthrough Omicron Infections Actually Reduces Protection Against Reinfection Or Infection From Future Variants. We Are Doomed Mar 19, 2022

This could well be the Viral quasispecies evolution that Harvard to the Big House was warning about. It refers to the fact that RNA viral populations consist of mutant spectra (or mutant clouds) rather than genomes with the same nucleotide sequence. Mutant spectra and not individual genomes are the target of evolutionary events.

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My own approach has been to boost natural immunity by eating the right foods, exercising and supplementing.