Emerging Viruses

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Emerging Viruses

Promoting this book by Horowitz. Recommended.

"You have to give it to promiscuous gay men and sex workers if you want it [AIDS] to go viral. You can't test your vaccines on a monogamous population".   (Horowitz paraphrase video below)


The link is in the tweet but I have embedded the book below and I believe that it is also available as a PDF:


2019 Final Interview w/ Drs Len Horowitz and Alan Cantwell (1:13)

Final taped discussion between OG whistleblowers Alan Cantwell (bearded) and Len Horowitz filmed in Alan's living room in the Hollywood Hills. Alan sat in that same chair when I visited LA in 2019 to access his USC archive. He insisted I have my dinners in his kitchen each night after digitizing material on campus. Memories of pacing around his living room on those balmy August evenings, chewing through the evidence with Alan will always be with me. Alan passed from kidney failure on 1 Jan 2021 and Sherri Kane passed 6 days later on 7 Jan 2021.