Fauci the mini God

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Fauci the mini God

This is an email from Brendon for patreon’s.  Hope he does not mind.

What’s interesting about this great Carlson piece is not the ao called “lefts” worship of the lying cretinous traitorous clown Fauci, but the fact it’s a specially crafted psychological warfare operation.

Do you really believe MSNBC and CNN don’t know what a joke Fauci is? Have you seen their fawning worship of him shown by Fox? It’s not real, it’s a script.

We need to cease calling “The Left” insane, crazy, unfathomable…and understand that this is not madness or a bad joke, but a crafted psyche warfare program.

You can’t fight madness, but you can fight psychological warfare.

Everything broadcast now is dedicated to one thing – dividing America. I thought they might back off. No such luck.

Watch and read Francis Stoner Saunders and her book on the CIA Culture War, the co-opting of books, magazines, conferences, music, news media and news papers.


While one might argue bringing down the Soviet Union a worthy goal, others argue this process simply morphed into what we now know as Shadowgate. Psyche warfare, data analytics, A.I machine learning scripts, crisis actors, larpers and fake social media influencers.

I’m basically settled again and the next video will be voice overed and well worth watching. Till then…enjoy the show.