Hep in Children

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Hep in Children

Is the hepatitis outbreak in children caused by the vaccines?  That is the question on everyone’s lips and I think it is too early to tell.  It is linked to adenovirus which is the J&J vaccine but apparently many unvaccinated children are getting it.  The second article (tweet) suggests that the kids that got it were breastfed by vaccinated mothers.  Perhaps some children were but not all because many were older children.

Maybe the kids were not vaccinated but were their parents? Did their parents or other close  contacts get an adenovirus “vaccine”? We know that “shedding” occurs when the spike-protein enters an exosome and creates a pseudo-virus. We also know that the virus itself is actually not one variant but a quasi-species swarm. In that swarm you will have viruses that can make you sick but cannot replicate and you will have others that are very transmissible but not dangerous and you may have some that are dangerous but not very transmissible. So you never have one virus (it is complicated) but a swarm and the most successful will be highly transmissible without killing the host. I suspect that constantly “vaccinating” (transfecting” people with the S-protein enhances the swarm and creates ADE. So it is entirely possible that kids are walking into clouds of viruses caused by the authorities insane push to vaccinate (transfect) every living thing and it is possible that their developing bodies are very susceptible. It is also entirely possible that the authorities are lying through their back teeth about the kids vaccination status. Whatever way you look at it they are GUILTY. They are guilty of making the GOF bioweapon and guilty of making and pushing an experimental treatment onto everyone. In every aspect of this they are guilty and now the innocent pay the price.



The vaccinated are Shedding Virus

I had an account removed about three months ago for saying this.  And you wonder why children are catching hepatitis?   Really?