Restoring Liver Health

Restoring Liver Health

The body is a wonderful thing and given half a chance it can heal itself.  The liver is special in that it can renew and unexpected remission and reversal of disease does happen.  So don’t believe any medical professional that writes you off.   By all means explore the treatments offered by allopathic medicine as there are a number that prove effective especially methods that target tumors but always remember that the liver removes toxins and chemo therapy may overload the liver with toxins.

The previous article highlighting allopathic treatments is here:

Liver Cancer

The foods here are meant to supplement (not replace) any treatment and are not offered as an alternative to allopathic medicine although they can have remarkable results in themselves and are not as harsh as chemo.


*Warning some studies suggest that Aloe Vera may do harm to the liver (the jury is still out) although others show no net benefit.  Best to avoid Aloe Vera until the situation becomes clearer.


Caffeine and Autophagy To Reduce Fats in Liver (42 min)

I have written extensively on natto beans and I would urge people to either make their own (mine are made from black beans but usually soy beans are used). You can buy the natto beans frozen in Asian shops but if you don’t like the taste get a nattokinase supplement. Nattokinase is an enzyme that comes from a Japanese food called natto. Natto is made from boiled soybeans that have been fermented with a type of fungus. Nattokinase may thin the blood and help break up blood clots.  Why am I recommending Nattokinase?    I am recommending it because it breaks down the Spike Protein from the mRNA vaccines.  Your liver already has enough to cope with so either take the supplement or eat the beans to remove any spike protein.

Also remove all “white stuff” (sugar,flour,pasta etc) from the diet especially sugar and practice intermittent fasting.

How to remove visceral fat

1./ Sleep.  Visceral fat (known as ‘hidden’ fat) is fat stored deep inside the belly. It wraps around your organs and makes your gut stick out. It’s incredibly dangerous because it produces toxic chemicals, even in thin people (skinny fat). Visceral fat is a sign of metabolic syndrome which causes short & long-term problems like:

• Gout
• Stroke
• Cancer
• Anxiety
• Brain Fog
• Dementia
• Depression
• Liver disease
• Heart Disease
• Low Back Pain
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Low Testosterone

Visceral fat is destroying your mind and body in the short and long term.
Dysregulated circadian rhythm leads to a dysregulated metabolism.

Get to bed between 9-11p.

Wake up between 6-8a.

Get sunlight during the day.

Limit blue light at night.

2. Walking

120 years ago, we walked 23.5k steps/day. Now we walk 3.5k steps/day.

Walk 8k steps minimum.

Walk after meals to regulate blood sugar.

Walk in the morning to get morning sunlight.

Walk at night to calm the mind before bed.

3. Cut the cardio

Cardio is trading your time to burn calories.

Resistance training builds muscle which burns calories passively.

Focus on building muscle to lose fat (not burning calories).

4. Eat more protein

Protein builds muscle and leads to more calories burned at rest.

Protein burns calories through digestion.

Protein keeps you full reducing the need for snacking.

Eat more protein.

5. Increase testosterone

Testosterone is directly linked to excess body fat.

Boost testosterone by:

• Get sunlight
• Lifting weights
• Managing stress
• Getting 8 hours of sleep

6. Reduce chronic stress

Stress leads to the release of hormones that make fat loss impossible.

• Meditate
• Sleep more
• Get sunlight
• Nasal breathe
• Practice grounding
• Remove processed foods
• Move throughout the day

7. Get into a calorie deficit

To lose fat you need a calorie deficit. There’s no way around it.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Drink water
2. Stop snacking
3. Get leaner cuts of meat
4. Don’t drink your calories
5. Start your day with protein
6. Eat low-calorie, high-volume foods

How to shed visceral fat:

1. Sleep
2. Walking
3. Cut the cardio
4. Eat more protein
5. Increase testosterone
6. Reduce chronic stress
7. Get into a calorie deficit






Infant COVID Liver

Infant COVID Liver

This stream is embedded from BoxCast and below are the Dojo time-stamps. The main scientific paper Liver failure Due to Type 2 Autoimmune Hepatitis is discussed at 34:50.

I have now had time to view and digest the complete video and there are a number of other very interesting scientific papers discussed  by Dr Kevin McCairn which look at how Lipoproteins and exosomes are used as Trojan horses to distribute Covid (and the vaccine-spike) into the brain.

Lipids or “fats” are things like HDL (High-density lipoprotein) or “good” Cholesterol and LDL (bad Cholesterol). Scientists sometimes define lipids as hydrophobic or amphiphilic (water attracting or repelling) small molecules; the amphiphilic nature of some lipids allows them to form structures such as vesicles, multilamellar/unilamellar liposomes, or membranes in an aqueous environment.  In other words the “fatty/oily” substance (oversimplification) does not mix with water (blood) and forms a vesicle/exosome (small bubble).  These vesicles can then incorporate other stuff (like spikes/proteins etc) and they can then be transported all over the body (a bit like PEG which acts as a LNP)  as can lipids.   Lipid rafts can modulate cell signaling and compounds.  Glycoproteins and glycolipids on the cell surface (long chain sugars and “fats”) can undergo Sialylation (the covalent addition of sialic acid to the terminal end of glycoproteins). Sialic acids have important roles in cellular communication and also in infection and survival of pathogens.  So, long story short there are lots of mechanisms through which both the virus and the Spike protein can mess with fundamental bio-chemical pathways in our body and even cross the blood brain barrier. Here then are the other important papers with time indicator:


Here is the video that Kevin showed:
Lipid rafts | Function of Lipid rafts | how Lipid raft modulated cell signaling? (5 min)

Infant COVID Liver, Exosomes & NeuroCOVID (3:16)

  • 00:13:25 Start
  • 00:23:02 News: «Boy, 13, dies after collapsing at Nottinghamshire football match»
  • 00:24:25 News: «Olympic legend Ian Thorpe in mourning after ex-boyfriend Ryan Channing suddenly dies aged 32 in Bali hospital»
  • 00:25:12 “Look, I know from Govermental-level data that there were collapses happening before vaccine roll-out, so I don’t think we can just push all that up to vaccines. Covid probably still causing some damage”
  • 00:27:50 News: «Covid cases explode after White House media dinner becomes superspreader event», «Bill Gates infected with Covid, experiencing “mild symptoms”»
  • 00:57:03 «Advantageous polymorphisms»
  • 02:48:55 Tweet: «Secretary of Defense: I am proud that our budget seeks more than $130B for research, development, testing and evaluation – the largest R&D request this Department [of Defense] has ever made»
  • 02:51:27 “I’ve been watching these cristals grow, they continue to evolve”, Moderna vaccine vs. blood


Liver function

Liver Function

A previous article proposed a mechanism whereby a chimeric adenovirus was the root cause  of the spate of hepatitis in children ( and now we have a theory by Walter that the spike protein is causing amyloidosis of the liver. There are all sorts of scientific papers and ideas floating around…it is early days yet.


Whatever the case might both mechanisms are either directly (or indirectly ) linked with the virus or the vaccine (transfection).   Most parents simply want to know how to protect their children.

Preventive measures and detoxing

Now I am no doctor and not here to dispense medical advice but I found this article very helpful and especially under the heading Nutrition.  If my children were small I would want to improve their nutrition and it seems far less harmless than supplementing.  Of course certain children may have food allergies but looking at the article I would probably chose things that kids can eat regularly without regarding it as “medicine”  for example:

  • Brazil Nuts (probably one nut a day)
  • Manuka Honey
  • Cranberry juice (natural no added sugar)
  • Sarsaparilla (As a low sugar drink rather than as a concentrated supplement)
  • Licorice as sweets rather than root (not too many as black licorice can have side effects).

There are many herbs and supplements but I was looking for things that could be eaten on a daily basis as part of a healthy diet to strengthen liver immune function. Read the full article here:

Hepatitis – Causes, Symptoms, Types, Preventions and Treatments

Hep and adenovirus

Hep and adenovirus

We speculated about hepatitis in children in a previous thread and more or less concluded that it was too early to tell but suggested that it seemed to be either linked with adenovirus or with ADE.  Here is the previous article:

Hep in Children

Here is the latest video by Dr. Raszek

New mysterious hepatitis – COVID-19 vaccines update 41 (10 min)

What is causing the recent mysterious hepatitis around the world? First scientific evidence linking to COVID-19 spike protein effects. Also discussed is the concept of how viruses can trick our immune systems via “pathogenic priming” and finally we discuss how atomic structures of biological molecules are solved using an example of hepatitis virus. Described content: Hepatitis T-cells:… Pathogenic priming:… Hepatitis virus structure:….

Below is an excellent thread by Jikkyleaks (Fan Account) including another contributor…which I turned into a PDF because the thread compiler did not work (and these things tend to go missing as they delete accounts).

This is an excellent (and frightening) thread. It looks like some sort of recombination producing a chimaeric adenovirus.  The vaccine virus picks up the E1 gene (in whole or part) from another circulating adenovirus.   Children are probably very susceptible because young children who haven’t been exposed to intestinal adenoviruses are now hit with a supercharged (chimaeric) adenovirus as their first exposure.  See also the side-note on adenovirus contamination.

Future articles will look at natural supplements that strengthen liver function.

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Hep in Children

Hep in Children

Is the hepatitis outbreak in children caused by the vaccines?  That is the question on everyone’s lips and I think it is too early to tell.  It is linked to adenovirus which is the J&J vaccine but apparently many unvaccinated children are getting it.  The second article (tweet) suggests that the kids that got it were breastfed by vaccinated mothers.  Perhaps some children were but not all because many were older children.

Maybe the kids were not vaccinated but were their parents? Did their parents or other close  contacts get an adenovirus “vaccine”? We know that “shedding” occurs when the spike-protein enters an exosome and creates a pseudo-virus. We also know that the virus itself is actually not one variant but a quasi-species swarm. In that swarm you will have viruses that can make you sick but cannot replicate and you will have others that are very transmissible but not dangerous and you may have some that are dangerous but not very transmissible. So you never have one virus (it is complicated) but a swarm and the most successful will be highly transmissible without killing the host. I suspect that constantly “vaccinating” (transfecting” people with the S-protein enhances the swarm and creates ADE. So it is entirely possible that kids are walking into clouds of viruses caused by the authorities insane push to vaccinate (transfect) every living thing and it is possible that their developing bodies are very susceptible. It is also entirely possible that the authorities are lying through their back teeth about the kids vaccination status. Whatever way you look at it they are GUILTY. They are guilty of making the GOF bioweapon and guilty of making and pushing an experimental treatment onto everyone. In every aspect of this they are guilty and now the innocent pay the price.



The vaccinated are Shedding Virus

I had an account removed about three months ago for saying this.  And you wonder why children are catching hepatitis?   Really?