Kevin vs. Grifters

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Kevin vs. Grifters

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They keep popping their head up and distracting people.  It is like playing whack-a-mole.  I encounter them all the time.  Like I said to one of the “viruses do not exist” cult…you are helping the enemy get away with using a GOF bio-weapon.   Some of these people are signal boosted on the internet because they are a psy-op.  Others are just in it for the money and they are also not censored because the intelligence services want disinformation out there. Do you think the military would spend millions of $ over decades investigating viruses for bio-warfare if viruses were not real?  Utter nonsense. The people who support the “viruses are not real” narrative is like saying it is OK to walk through the mine field because mines are not real (lolz).   They are in denial and have blood on their hands.

Koch’s postulates was published in 1890. We now have Proteomics, gene sequencing, immunohistochemistry, EDX, Northern Blot and Electron microscopy (EM) to name but a few techniques. The spike protein has been found in the brain it can use the vagal nerve pathway.

The response was that stomach acid destroys the virus and the gut replenishes in two weeks but we carry a kilo of bacteria in our gut flora…which is why people fart when they are dead (lolz).  The virus is real…it is dangerous and it was made in a lab and released.


Rattling The Viruses Aren’t Real Grifters & Testing Equipment Before Lab Visit (2:31)