Let it burn

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Let it burn

A CME headed directly for earth.  Don’t know what effect it will have with our weak magnetic shield (probably a geomagnetic storm) but the way I am feeling now I say, let it burn.  Incoming over the next two days -Monday and Tuesday.

Solar activity reached moderate levels today with an M1.6 solar flare observed around AR 2882 at 06:38 UTC (Oct 9). The flare was associated with a Type II radio emission with an estimated velocity of 608 km/s, along with a 10cm radio burst lasting 27 minutes and measuring 430 solar flux units (SFU). Based on this data and imagery courtesy of SDO/AIA 093, a coronal mass ejection (CME) is likely and may be Earth directed. https://www.solarham.net/

M1.6 Solar Flare Observed Around AR 2882 at 06:38 UTC (Oct 9) – CME Headed Directly At Earth (4 min)

ISWA Cygnet Streamer Prediction https://go.nasa.gov/2R8QL1h GOES X-Ray Flux https://bit.ly/2SKPqSV SOHO Movies Maker https://soho.nascom.nasa.gov/data/The… STEREO Science Center https://go.nasa.gov/3DoLBEx WSA Enlil Spiral Prediction https://bit.ly/3rIEYrV

Sun Erupts Right At Earth, Climate Tipping Points | S0 News Oct.9.2021 (5 min)

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