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My Big Toe

My big Toe is a website about  the Theory Of Everything (T.O.E.)  but this article is actually about my big toe (lolz).  Well not actually, (my little toe as well) it is about the complexity of the immune system. Later on I will reference Jonathan Couey’s last video which I have managed to watch and digest (it was very good) so bear with the boorish recounting of my ailments because there is a health point to this story and you may find it helpful.

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I had trouble with my feet swelling and then with tingling and numbness (tinnitus as well but that is another story). I also had “covid toe” (red and itchy inflamed and sore). Now, there are a number of conditions that can lead to swelling of the feet. Swelling feet could be related to heart problems or the lymphatic system and numbness and pins and needles to peripheral nephropathy which can have many underlying causes.   Red toes could be chilblains or gout or…..

The problems with my feet started in the last two years and I believe that they are covid related but not entirely.  I have an 11% loading for Fabry (inherited from my mum) that is related to mitochondrial disease and  lysosomes that function in lipid processing. My hypothesis is that the virus (I am unvaccinated) which is immunogenic can trigger any latent diseases, particularly autoimmune responses.  It is unavoidable that you will come into contact with the virus especially as it exists as  quasispecies swarms in the vaccinated who are able to maintain high viral loads and shed viral exosomes (that is now a proven fact).

I have seen improvement with my feet.  I no longer have as much trouble with with stabbing pains or tingling (pins and needles) or numbness. I no longer have much trouble with swelling. Initially, I took garlic and aspirin and elevated my feet. That worked and I went to the doctor and asked for a D-dimer blood test.  There was none present?  (I was worried about micro-clotting).  I started seriously supplementing and raised my Vitamin D levels (taking about 2,000 units a day) and  quercetin, Vitamin C with Zinc, turmeric, aspirin, fish oils,NAC and many more. It seemed to help but then I started getting red inflamed toes?  Could it be a side effect of supplementing, or covid or latent Fabry?   Very difficult to disambiguate.  I went and had another blood test and they phoned me up and said that I had high calcium levels. They wanted me to call into the surgery and I did not bother but it raised alarm bells.

Dysregulation of the calcium channel at the cellular level is dangerous as it is involved in so many processes.  On top of that I began hearing that Vitamin D can leach calcium from the bones and that it is a hormone and immune suppressive.   You do not want to suppress your immune system (at least not permanently) but different studies showed that low Vitamin D levels led to higher death rates from Covid.   So what should I do?  That led to the article To D or not to D?

My research (so far) shows that the immune system and T cells in particular are hyper-activated (see Walter Chestnut et al on this), therefore it will be beneficial to damp down the immune system temporarily.  The leaching problem is solved by taking the D together with vitamin K2 (MK-7).  Moreover, I have reduced my D intake and only use it when I believe that I have been exposed (like now when the toe next to my big toe is going  red).

As far as the Fabry is concerned (which can also dysregulate calcium) I now take R-Lipoic Acid and A-Lipoic Acid together with (Flush free) Niacin and the enzyme CoQ10.  I have also taken up intermittent fasting (and am losing weight) and make sure I walk at least an hour a day.  Recently I have started taking skullcap and drinking green tea or making green tea kombucha. Also making water  Kefir and probiotic milk Kefir.   The one thing I need is more sleep but I don’t seem to have enough time (lolz).  All in all I have seen massive improvements with my feet and I am losing weight.  Also I have noticed an improvement in bowel movements (as if you wanted to know) because I had a time with constant loose stool and diarrhea which should come as no surprise considering the lung-gut-brain connection discussed in Jonathan’s previous video.

Feed back loops

The immune system and biochemistry is very complex and there are many feedback loops.  I believe that is why you get so many conflicting results when assessing different treatments. It is all about balance.  Down-regulation and up-regulation of genes. Push and pull.  Even water can kill you if you drink too much.  Everything is poisonous it is all about the dose. I am a mere bucket chemist and in my world you have a limited number of outcomes with chemical reactions and even then “unknowns” can happen. A salutatory lesson was when a reactor blew up showering people with hot sulfuric acid in what was a runaway side reaction (we didn’t know that could happen! lolz).  Now the human body is far more complex and any PhD scientist who thinks they have it all figured out is in my view a nob and suffering from a god-complex dose of hubris.  How about a bit of humility?  You think you can “correct” natures mistakes?  Perhaps you are one of natures mistakes (lolz).

The one thing I want you to take away from this article is the complexity of biological systems.  We are not mere machines and we do have an indefinable spiritual element and consciousness that transcends the constrictions of reductionist approaches. The image that Spartacus posted in Jonathan’s stream should be downloaded and inspected (and I bet that does not even cover everything). Not only do we have interactions between the virus and our body and the vaccine (transfection) and our body, but between the virus and the vaccine (transfection) itself and also between any latent disease and or substances and the virus/vaccine. The possibilities are astounding and anyone who thinks they know it all is an idiot.

Covid 19 interaction Map

In case you missed it here was Jonathan’s discussion of the Spartacus interview.  This was a first rate presentation.  Jonathan discusses vitamin D at about 38 mins:

Gigaohm Biological (15 July)


You are responsible for your health.  Experiment with what works and keep an eye on how  your body reacts. Tune into your own body.   I will probably go for another blood check when things settle down but I am very wary of the medical establishment at the moment.  Very few doctors stood up and did the right thing.  Unlike Johanna who took her oath seriously.