New Psychopathy

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New Psychopathy

The reason I put this video up is that I started watching the video and then I said to my wife… hey, this video is about some Netflix series that is going viral.  it is about that serial killer Jeffry Dahmer.  She said that she stopped watching it because it was creepy and sick and had an evil vibe.  By coincidence the same day I overheard two young women (staking shelves at the supermarket) talking about how great the latest Netflix offering was (lolz).

Sometime between 1987 and 1991, gay serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer slaughtered young black men. Some of these men, he posed in strange positions and photographed.  Coincidentally (sic) John Podesta had a statute of one of the victims on display in his home (along with sick paintings of children).

This is programing of the worst kind. Brutalizing and desensitizing people and also racial agitprop.


MODERN MK ULTRA – New Psychopathy, Race Baiting, Dating and Relating in a Social Media Abyss (2:50)