Piezoelectric and Crustal Effects

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Piezoelectric and Crustal Effects

Volcanoes are really popping off and  earthquakes are shaking. Nothing to do with the recent solar flare (that is what they want you to believe). A cow somewhere probably farted. Forecast for  Turkey and Israel and a warning for Tokyo and the China Himalaya border also a spread of 6+M to Southern Europe.


Are Intensifying Solar System Magnetic Fields Affecting Earth’s Crust?

So many strange incidents of collapse and fire across the planet all in the same weeks, so it makes me wonder if its related to the solar system’s second magnetic field forming. What if Ley Lines or Veins of Minerals began to vibrate faster and heat up?

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Azerbaijan’s Dashly Island ‘Mud Volcano’ Caused Mega Explosion in Caspian Sea – Mysterious Phenomena

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Gravitas: China bans tallest skyscrapers

China will be OK though because they build their skyscrapers so well.