Pipeline propaganda

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Pipeline propaganda


This video is very informative and excellent anti-Putin propaganda.  I recommend viewing it critically because it is very good and has a lot of useful information (and truth in it).  It shows how close Germany and Russia were really getting.  Putin is not a saint but he was happy to gain influence economically.   Anglo-Saxon policy since WW1 has always been to keep Germany down and to keep Russia out of of Europe.  The influence of Rothschild in Russian gas and oil is very, very interesting.

The idea that Russia blew up Nordstream is frankly ridiculous. Not only did Biden warn (shown on the video) but so did Victoria Nuland and even Trump warned the Germans to back-off Russian gas.  They made sure that Germany would not cave to political pressure of their people starving and freezing by removing any prospect of using Nordstream.  The video below this one shows clearly that the Americans were involved …..not only that but Sweden found explosives on the pipeline in 2015. I suppose Russia planted that as well?  Best line in the video was they (the West) do not invade other countries anymore (lolz). I can think of a couple just off the top of my head.  This was first rate gaslighting because it contained a lot of truth.  I imagine that this channel is support or run by the intelligence services.

Nord Stream Project and Sabotage Speculation (29 min)


Nord Stream “Sabotage” Mystery Deepens As US Seahawks Flew Above Leak Sites Days Before Blasts