REvil Ransomware

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REvil Ransomware

We are lead to believe that REvil is Russian “underworld”. That they are sophisticated enough to penetrate and hack corporations and multinationals and hold them to ransom. Do we really believe that? Especially after being warned by Charles Schwab about the coming “cyber pandemic” that would make covid look like a picnic. How prescient.

It is bad enough that we are facing a deliberate economic crash. Looks like they are going to time it so that it coincides with a cyber pandemic.  What a brilliant opportunity to steal the remaining wealth.  Say bye, bye to your pensions and investments (lol). It’s a good thing that they already have the solution to the problem.  Artificial Intelligence and blockchain!  Yay. If only you could put that fantastic technology together with a digital currency and end to end encryption.  Oh, wait…they can….they have been working on that as well.  You are so lucky that they have such foresight.  They are going to pay you UBI to stay at home and do nothing.  They will inject you for their one health agenda.  They care so much about you that it is quite touching.




We certainly live in evil times. Watch the video that I made: