Russia will not break

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Russia will not break

The West is deluded in thinking that Russia will disintegrate. It is wishful thinking.  In fact they have done everything to Make Russia Great Again (lolz) but MRuGA does not sound right on a baseball cap. Russia is still Europe’s biggest gas supplier despite the US blowing up the German pipeline. 

Of course the Euro-weenies and neo-con-tards are all blaming China. Russia is winning because…because…China.  Quick start another war. 

Is any of this organic?  I am sure that some of it is but I believe that at some level they know that Europe is going to struggle in the coming climate reset and they have decided to de-industrialize and lock the citizens down under the coming dystopian system.  The war suits their agenda to make everyone poorer and more broken. Please don’t forget your combo jab. Your Government loves you.

Rus Traps Ukr Volchansk, Rus EU Gas Exports Overtake US LNG; Hollow Swiss Summit; G7 Targets China (1:23 min)

Trudeau star of Swiss summit. Duda, break Russia apart. NYT, Istanbul 2022 deal. Red Sea ships hit (41 min)