Super Prion Risk Assessment

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Super Prion Risk Assessment

Dr McCairn is streaming again and I have included two other short videos on the same page because the shared theme is asking questions and challenging the narrative.  If you are not allowed to ask questions it is not science. In France they want to punish any dissent.  You will believe what we tell you or else.  That is where we are at.  How do you stop this?  You keep challenging with the truth.  In the end the truth will prevail. There are too many dead  to remain silent. We are their voices.

Carl Sagan On The Importance Of Free Speech And Skepticism (1 min)

Whistleblower – Embalmer Type Clots Occurring in the Living? (11 min)


SV40/Spike Integration/Propagation, Brain Blood Markers in Long COVID (1:52 min)