The Abrahamic Deception? Pt. 2

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The Abrahamic Deception? Pt. 2

Part one can be found here:

The Abrahamic Deception?

This was part two of a live-stream with Dr Kevin McCairn and Albert Bishai. We are living in perilous and challenging times when people are being forced to question and reevaluate everything. It is becoming obvious that we have been badly betrayed by all of the institutions that form the bedrock of a functioning high-trust civilization. By all of the institutions I mean scientific, religious, educational, health…basically everything. The curtain has been pulled to the side and we can see the brick wall. The Wizard who has his hands on the levers of power is Jewish and Albert maintains that Abrahamic religions (including Christianity) are part of that control mechanism. In many ways Albert is correct pointing to the enormous power wielded by the Christian-Zionist lobby in the USA. Albert rightly emphasizes the dogmatic position held by many of these Christians, however, we must be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water. Some discernment is necessary. Someone (?) once said words to the effect that Christianity transitioned from a being a religion in Palestine, to an Philosophy in Greece an institution in Rome, a culture in Europe and a business in the USA. From its very inception Christianity was under attack and threatened with subversion by the Jews, so much so that Paul lamented that all those of Asia had turned against him. Paul died trying to have Christianity recognized as a separate cult (Religio licita) in the Roman Empire and not just a Jewish sect. In my last stream I mentioned that the Nero persecution of Christians was most likely at the behest of Poppea the mistress/wife of Nero and a Jewish convert.

In the previous stream it was stated that Moses did not exist and the Exodus from Egypt was fiction and in is this stream it was asserted that Abraham was fictitious (and David lolz). I have placed a number of excellent videos below this stream that address the Moses controversy which goes hand in glove with the emergence of the first alphabet which we argue is proto-Siniatic (Paleo-Hebrew) and the precursor to the Phoenician alphabet and the Greek alphabet. It is the invention of the alphabet (and not necessarily the printing press) that gave rise to the rapid exchange of abstract ideas and the storage of information in condensed format (whether on clay or paper) and it is the alphabet that is the direct precursor to the information age (computers etc) that we now live in. Neither is it a coincidence that the first book printed was the Bible. Moreover, the alphabet (both the Hebrew and the Greek) encodes mathematical data and sacred geometry adding another layer of complexity below the surface layer and we have not even begun to engage with the intertextual and allegorical aspect of what can only be described as a developed literary culture.

Any claims that Moses/Abraham etc did not exist must be placed in context. The Civilizations of the day engraved their records into stelae and clay tablets using hieroglyphics and Cuneiform. Their history had to be pieced together using monumental evidence carved into palace walls but the Hebrews, initially nomadic refugees caught between superpowers, had developed a way to condense and transport a continuous historical record with them. Historical and archeological evidence is available of the presence of Hebrews in Palestine especially from the time of the Davidic scion Hezekiah onward, with many of the northern and southern kings mentioned in the Assyrian annuals and although rare there is archeological evidence of David and Solomon (but not as unambiguous). However, it must be borne in mind that the Northern tribes were deported in ca 700 and completely assimilated although many refugees would have fled to the south (Judea) and Hezekiah’s court probably absorbed their scribes and historical documents. Of course we have another exile and destruction of the temple in 586 BC (by Nebuchadnezzer/Babylon) and then the desecration by Antiochus Epiphanes in ca. 167 BC, the Roman war 66.5-73 AD and the Bar Kochba rebellion (132 -135 AD). Can you imagine how difficult it is to keep continuous records in such circumstances? Especially perishable materials. And yet they found scrolls hidden in caves to save them from being burnt, preserved by the arid desert air in pottery jars.

There is little point referencing the Ascension of Isaiah, a pseudepigraphical Judeo-Christian writing in the range 70-175 AD (not recognized as Canonical) as having anything of relevance to contribute to Christianity and Zoroastrian dualism is rejected in the book of Isaiah (who was a contemporary with the rise of Zoroastrianism); “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things” (Isaiah 45:7). Unlike the Persian religion the Hebrew God takes responsibility for both good and evil circumstances. As to other correspondences one must question the direction of influence because Judah was exiled under the Persian king Cyrus.

The question that keeps emerging is if the Hebrews developed a way of preserving and passing on knowledge (using Dr McCairns turn of phrase) “beyond the event horizon of a catastrophe” as ring-fencing such knowledge would give the survivors an advantage. The Bible does record such catastrophes the best known being the Noachian deluge attested in the myths of many ancient peoples but the creation story itself seems to be such an event (like the Younger Dryas but far earlier) after which Modern Humans emerge. These events are boundary conditions were rapid speciation occurs as a consequence of magnetic-electrical changes and cosmic radiation but my contention is that these changes are not random. According to the myths the catastrophes always occur when civilization has degenerated. Often they are linked with a human desire to become god-like such as in Eden or the tower of Babel. A type of collective megalomania or narcissistic grandiosity which seems to have become characteristic of the Jewish people. However, God did not chose them because they were better than all other peoples of the earth. The patriarch Jacob being a case in point – using deception and trickery to advance his cause. If the Jews made up the Torah why did they portray themselves as a stiff-necked and rebellious people who would have been destroyed in the wilderness if Moses had not intervened. We do not see a Superman or Spiderman or one of the many other superheroes portrayed in Jewish comic books or Hollywood. Instead we see deeply flawed characters. Jacob a deceiver, Esau a sellout, Saul a manic depressive, David a murderer and adulterer and so forth. A deeply flawed nation who murdered all the prophets sent to them and then murdered the Christ. A nation that was constantly punished and sent into exile like Cain. Like the scapegoat. Surely, the Jews could have painted a more flattering picture of themselves? What happened to the Hollywood script writers? (lolz). Abraham was meant to be the vehicle through which all the nations scattered at Babel were once more in-gathered and blessed (Genesis 12:3 in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed), he was not meant to be a symbol of Jewish supremacy.

And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed. So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham. (Galatians 3:8-9)

The Abrahamic Deception? Pt. 2 With Albert Bishai (2:25 min)


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I have watched this and it is excellent (recommended). You will need to put your email address in the website in order to watch (the next research project that I am busy with- if I find time- is looking at the ten commandments and gematria in relation to the emergent alphabet).


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