The Fight Back

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The Fight Back

This is the video everyone must watch and must spread.  Please watch and get it out. Let everyone know what is going on.  Wake as many people up as possible. Vaccines have been weaponized.   This explains why they are pushing vaccines so hard when the epidemic is already over.

I contacted this guy on twitter because he responded to some of my stuff (about the 72 code and the NYT article) and he said they made a mistake and we are gathering evidence for a lawsuit.   He said he could not tell me anymore.  I did not know who he was and am still not sure but from what I gather he is very well connected and attempted a run at the Presidency.

He has his own nanotech company and scientists and has 321 people in 11 nations (16 time zones) investigating and preparing legal actions.  The big BOOM moment in the video is the fact that all the people in Czech Republic and Italy who got Covid had received the flu vaccination just before.  BOOM

Look at the excess deaths in NYC and the UK.  It is deliberate. These people are insane.  Watch the video (You may need to reload the page on Bitchute sometimes it freezes….be patient).


In case you missed it here is the BitChute link again:


These are very rich, very powerful and well connected people so even though Karl has a team and independent wealth it is a huge and dangerous battle.  These eugenicists are evil scum and as far as I am concerned  it should be considered a Satanic global kabbalah death cult. You think I am exaggerating. Why then did Bill Gates hire Abramovich the Spirit Cooking Witch for an advertising campaign (which was quickly dropped because of protests). These people (including many Hollywood celebrities) are all into  kabbalah.    Do your own research if you don’t believe me.

Very Good Advice

Whether you believe in vaccinations or not your alarm bells should be ringing by now. Common sense tells you that the peak has already passed and they destroyed the economy for nothing.  

My advice is this – do not take any vaccinations until this mess is sorted out. First we need proper investigation and unbiased independent long term studies. There is something very wrong when big pharma wants indemnity.  Something wicked our way comes.

Fight back with information and truth while you still can.  Do your own research and inform everyone.