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The Green Machine

Adam Green runs a slick machine and his criticism of Judaism, Christian-Zionism and Israel is spot on. However, he has done a “bait and switch” because his main target is Christianity.  Nevertheless I have featured this video because it has useful information.  He has been challenged to a debate but I doubt that he will respond.  I like that he mentioned the Scapegoat ritual  and Christ because I once debated CJB on that subject and also sent information to Green.  Anyway, ignore his anti-Christian nonsense.

I may add comments to this video later on so always refresh your browser.

Netanyahu & Elon Musk, Rapture Prophet Apology, Pagan Apostle | Know More News w/ Adam Green


Just a few comments because Adam does what he usually does and conflates and distorts everything as midrash written in advance – as a self fulling property. For example he will take the suffering servant of Isaiah 53 and state that it is a fiction or “midrash” (with no understanding what midrash or pesher really means) to build up a picture of a fictitious messiah (because Jesus did not really exist) in advance. Presumably so the nation could reject (the fictitious Jesus) -lolz- and get kicked out the land (as prophesied) which was presumably part of the “plan” (lolz) because Jews love being killed and persecuted.

His ridiculous explanation would also mean that the first Christians were willing to die and suffer persecution in order to keep faith in a fictitious Christ. Of course he will say that it is all “made up” as well despite the attestation of Roman Historians like Tacitus. However, Adam does not tell you the original context of Isaiah 53. Who was the suffering servant in Isaiah 53? It is actually a person not the Jewish nation. Isaiah 53 is about the suffering of a particular individual, a particular historical person in about 700 BC but Adam won’t tell you that because in the first place he does not know (or care) who it is, nor does it fit his agenda to contextualize the description in history, nor does he want to reflect on the fact that history itself is teleological. So the life and experience of a particular individual (who can be historically verified using Assyrian records), acts as a messianic template and thus history itself functions as the medium of revelation. Moreover, this individual (who lived back then in about 700 BC) had a representative, intermediary role to play. Similar criticism can be made of every prophecy he refers to. They are first and foremost historical events, it is an epistemological failure to disregard the original context and the interplay between history, text and intertext. His position presents a logical fallacy which starts with his conclusion (that it is all fiction) and then ignores history to straw-man his argument. The appeal to the Book of Enoch a pseudigraphia rejected as canonical by the early church (the following article explores the use of Enochic literature in the NT: Fallen Angels in Jude and Peter). The priestly and cultic background of 1 Enoch is also increasingly recognized, particularly the role of the Day of Atonement ritual in the “Watchers Cycle” where scholarship understands the story of the “Fallen angels” as a mythological satire against the Samaritan schismatic’s – who (joined by some of the Jerusalem priests) established their own priesthood and form of worship.See the chapter One like a Son of Man in my commentary and see also Danielic Apocalyptic and the Son of Man.

It is theological faux-pas to equate the mission of Paul to the Gentiles and the “fullness of the Gentiles” with all nations being subjected to Jewish power and particularly to Chabad Noahide laws. The God of Genesis is the creator of all mankind (not just the Jews) and mankind was divided and scattered into nations at the Babel rebellion. The Abrahamic blessing was always intended to extended to all nations (all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him Genesis 18:18). God did not say all nations will serve the Jews in him (lolz). Abraham was meant to be the vehicle through which redemption would come (Gal 3:6). These “nations” are in mind in Acts 2 that describes the Pentecost outpouring of the Spirit and the first preaching mission to the mixed nationalities, when men of all nations, “do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God” (Acts 2:11). This was the reversal of Babel (confusion of language and scattering) which occurred in Genesis 11 just before the calling of Abraham in order to “bless the nations” in Genesis 12.

Paul had an enormous falling out with the Judaizers about including the gentiles into covenant relationship, so much so that a special council had to be called (in Acts 15) to deal with the “gentile problem”. John Mark fell out with Paul over this issue and (temporarily) parted ways. Even Peter had to be shown that the Gentiles were not “unclean” and even after that he bowed to the pressure of the Judaizers until Paul told him off. The idea of Jewish superiority and Jewish separateness was so deeply embedded by centuries of special food laws and circumcision that Pauline teaching on inclusiveness and equality came as a shock. Paul did not regard the Gentiles as second class citizens who were to kowtow to Jewish supremacy…in fact quite the opposite:

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.  And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise. (Galatians 3:28 - 4:1 28 ) 

He calls gentiles the seed of Abraham (lolz) …..what a shocker. No wonder the Jews want to undermine Paul’s preaching, the question is why is Adam helping them?

The only thing standing in the way of Jewish supremacy AND in the way of the technocratic transhumanisim is True Christianity with the teaching of freewill, sovereignty, equality, responsibility and dominion (be fruitful and multiply). Both Chabad AND the transhumanists reject these principles. They both want to enslave mankind either to their technology or to their backward understanding of religion and Jewish superiority.

What Adam say about the Trinity at 1:23 is interesting and Adam is correct in pointing out that immigration and race mixing is being used as a weapon. A particular weapon directed at white people. The Jews are putting the Kalegri plan into practice as per Barbara Lerner Spectre, you had your time white goy (lolz) see her in this Video

Lastly, Adam ridiculed a woman for making predictions and “dreaming dreams”  contrary to the admonishment not to do so and the instruction that no one knows the day or the hour. People never learn and she got carried away in her enthusiasm and probably did dream about it.  All of us say and do stupid things all the time. It is called being human.