The Mafia auditing Colombian drug cartels

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The Mafia auditing Colombian drug cartels

The title reference is to the big four global auditors who are often contracted by Government departments to audit tax compliance.  They are the gatekeepers but who guards the guards? The recent scandal engulfing consulting firm PwC demonstrates that the biggest tax evaders and money launders are the corporations and oligarchs not the man in the street.

Scandal engulfing consulting firm PwC has raised serious questions for the government | 7.30 (9 min)

Although I do not vote, I used to support the Australian Citizens Party (ACP) and I take credit that their submission campaign to Parliament regarding stopping the Cash Ban, was successful, partly due to the information that I provided about a study concerning money laundering  by a Professor in Cyprus (the 2013 bail-in ). The ACP push for a national bank and their national infrastructure plan is also commendable, as was their stance (and support) for  ousted Australia Post boss Christine Holgate who had been stabbed in the back by the Govt.  Where we parted ways was their silence about the mandates and the harm caused by the so called vaccines.

Over that period I pushed the RBA (Reserve Bank Of Australia) with my own email campaign calling central banks a ponzi scheme  that failed during the GFC and generally “shit posting” and blaming them for their disastrous policy which must have stung the RBA Govenor Philip Lowe as he blamed baby boomers for the financial crisis the very next day.  This was the link…. but it no longer works (  So my shit posting reached the highest echelons (lolz) and I usually ended with a note to give my regards to his boss Jacob and to remind him that judgement was coming.

For some reason the ACP could not (or would not) connect the release of the bioweapon (and vaccine campaign)  with the Federal Reserve commencing Repo on 18 the Sept 2019. The globalists  locked the world down when it was at the  cusp of a global banking crisis.  The virus and the vaccines were therefore a banker ploy to introduce a new system of CBDC.   What good is a national bank when everyone is on a blockchain mediated UBI paid with a digital currency?  

Finally their stance on China  is more balanced than some of the scare mongering promulgated by the media and certain politicians. We need to engage with China for the simple reason that they are an influential  trading partner. China has indeed suffered at the hands of  the East India Company and city of London, from the opium war onward. Some even suggest that Tienanmen Square was an attempted color revolution.  So China has every reason to be wary of the West.  But China is not perfect and although much of the veiled criticism is propaganda, China can be utterly ruthless. Millions of people died in China during Mao’s Great Leap, with estimates ranging from 15 to 55 million, making the Great Chinese Famine the largest or second-largest famine in human history.  So, while I fully recognize the hypocrisy and warmongering of the West I am not a fan of centralized authoritarian governments either.  The ACP is the Australian Citizens Party not the Australian Communist Party.  In the end my allegiance lies elsewhere and not with any political party, however, that does not mean that we should refrain from speaking out when we see corruption and wickedness.

CITIZENS REPORT 2/6/2023 – RBA: There’s a hole in the bucket! / PwC scandal / US bank bailouts story (57 min)

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:17 Topic 1: RBA: There’s a hole in the bucket!
  • 32:42 Topic 2: PwC scandal rocks world financial foundations
  • 45:21 Topic 3: The untold story of US bank bailouts
  • 56:03 End Credits