To D or not to D?

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To D or not to D?

There have been studies that show a much lower covid death rate if vitamin D levels are maintained but there is a balance between vit D and formation of 1-25-D as this study demonstrates:

Elevated levels of 1-25-D leach calcium from the bones. High levels of 1,25-D affect muscle function, particularly the cardiac muscle. Studies which have detailed the intricate feedback pathways between the two forms of vitamin D have shown that elevated levels of 1,25-D are also immunosuppressive.

Life is about balance.  I think vitamin D supplementing is necessary but we should probably drop the very high levels once the covid  wave has diminished. Apparently supplementing with K2 with MK-7 prevents any calcium leaching (could that be a reason for high calcium blood levels? dunno, but I dropped D intake and ordered K2 as MK-7).  Natural vitamin K2 as MK-7 is the essential cofactor for the enzyme γ-carboxylase which is able to carboxylate these calcium-regulating proteins making them able to form calcium-binding groups essential for their biological activity.  This shows how D and K work together and this explains the benefits of K.   Of course you could always get more sun and eat more kale but what would be the fun in doing that? Far better to stay locked indoors and order fast food (lolz). Don’t forget the sun is fierce nowadays with high UV and cosmic radiation is increasing.

Vitamin D Reduces Autoimmune Diseases: New Research

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