Why are People Dying?

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Why are People Dying?

This is a four hour presentation by Dr Flemming which was originally split in three parts.  I have been told that it is very good and I have no doubt that it is.  We have had a huge increase in heart conditions, cancers, dementia  and many other diseases.  In some countries they have started hiding  excess deaths and have stopped reporting  vaccine injuries and they are manipulating and revising data.  It is important to understand the biology.  Dr Flemming writes:

Many of you have been asking for the full video presentation addressing the viruses, genetic vaccines, CRISPR technology & the published research showing why sudden cardiac death, miscarriages and the cancer deaths are occurring. This information along with the published results of what has been proven to work is presented here in its complete format. I encourage you to share this with others including your physicians, medical colleges and academic institutions.


Why are People Dying & What Answers is Science Teaching Us? The Full Presentation (3:45)

Dr Flemming’s website: https://www.flemingmethod.com/