Mystery brain disease

Mystery brain disease

Dr Kevin McCairn the systems neuro scientist who worked on non-human primate brains researching Tourette and Parkinson warned three years ago that the virus and the vaccine were amyloidogenic and prionogenic and would result in early onset Parkinson and dementia as well as other neurological pathologies.

The sort of cascades caused by amyloid (and prion)  are the result of protein misfolding which can lead to multiple pathologies and attack different organs – the kidney,liver and heart (not just the brain) and also trigger cancers.

Dramatic increase in Diabetes (20 min)

Why do some people show no symptoms (yet)?

Viral Vaccine paper (17 min)




In this stream Dr Kevin  McCairn  discusses how to approach the subject of  Neuroinflammation for an upcoming presentation at the Crimes Against Humanity Tour. The general public have heard of Prion disease and protein misfolding and its association with   Creutzfeldt-Jakob  (CJD or mad cow) disease but it is too rare and disturbing an occurrence to be useful and may be counterproductive and regarded as fear mongering.

However, Dr McCairn believes that CJD is but one (rare) outome in a range of degenerative brain states going from a mild “brain fog” and progressing in some to dementia, Parkinson,Lewy Body Disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis etc.  There is a spectrum of disease and psychiatric disorders and behavior changes.

The videos below are the YouTube version and the embed from WTYL as Boxcast  has been discontinued.   Here follow some tweets with links to the scientific papers discussed.  I have placed a rough time on the tweets so fast forward the video to the relevant time slot to view the discussion.

Latest SARS PRION & Neuroinflammation Data (3:12)