His assessment of the Ukraine situation is correct and also the global economy.  Taxation is theft. Especially if it is spent on warmongering and bio-warfare research. 

We’re Entering a Major Crisis; CBDCs Coming in 2023, Serfdom is Upon Us Warns Doug Casey(42 min)


"The excess money printing is to maintain the house of cards we've built up over decades and decades," says Doug Casey, New York Times best-selling author and host of the Doug Casey's Take podcast. "Central bank digital currencies are like the final arrow in their quiver, and if the public sheepishly accepts CBDCs, we'll be one step closer to the serfs," he warns Daniela Cambone. "The U.S.'s leading export has been dollars, we ship dollars, and they are printed up out of nothing by the Federal Reserve, and they are going to lose the world reserve currency status," Casey continues. "[China and Russia] are trading with each other with gold, the whole world is going go back to gold and people will trade with gold," he exclaims. "There shouldn't be a gold backed currency, gold is currency," Casey makes clear. "The Ukraine-Russia conflict is just an overture... many of the countries in the world today are going to breakup into smaller countries including, Brazil, Bolivia, all the countries in Africa, France, Span and the U.K.," he concludes

Financial crash has begun

Financial crash has begun

It’s HERE: the financial crash of a generation (has already begun)-9 min


IMF WARNS, WTO WARNS… Debt Market REMAINS UNSTABLE. Global Economic FREEFALL Worsens. Mannarino (14 min)

GAME OVER for EUROPE – People resort to desperate measures! (12 min)



EU, US Oil Crisis (7 min)


Criminal Organization

Criminal Organization

Another video by Greg which I put on my blog not because I am promoting any sort of trading but because I believe he has his finger on the pulse and I enjoy his style.  He says that the Middle Class is being exterminated and calls the Fed the biggest criminal organization in the world (lolz). He is correct on both counts.    This is the biggest robbery (transfer of wealth) in history.

Economy Contracting Rapidly, Inflation NOT TRANSITORY, Stock Market RIPS HIGHER. Mannarino (15 min)

To this I add the latest from Brendon:

Brendon O’Connell

Thanks Luke, yeh, wow…out of left field😄

CCP very soon.

I’m sure there will be alot to it. But the US is not about to dump dollars just yet. Cash will be here a while. And the SWIFF does just fine, though Klaus wants his Swiss Star Trek crypto as he awaits the space ship arrival.

As long as we’re not in enclosed Smart Cities, we’ll be needing a little cash. Power going out causes problems. I guess they’ll have an answer for that, specialized trackable notes.

Anyway, we’re on the way. Maybe we’ll all get a break from Covid but me thinks it has yet to bear the full fruits of a fully divided nation in the US.

Australia continues to play a strange game. Sweden laughs at everyone.

I expect an Australian first any day…the first political assassination on Oz paradise soil. They are really pushing their luck in Victoria at least and why that is…I do not know. Maybe they’re scared of Chabad Lubavitch who congregate there? 😄

My home state of Western Australia walk around in relative freedom due to isolation. The idiot Labor/Democrat party leadership are such overt cretinous morons you have absolutely no idea and West Australian Sand Gropers are…ON the whole…lapping every bit if the narrative up and putting sour cream and chives on top. F them…let them clot.

I await the hand over of Taiwan.

And the Chinese miracle?

Brendon comments:

Paltry cases...if the lockdown spreads...does it show Evergrande economic virus far more dangerous?

TMU states China just lost %25 of its GDP. That's a huge hit. No more building. Will China get a massive lock down? Government buys those ghost cities, 30c on the dollar...max...and become the Great Comrade Smart City Landlord?

Will Canada, US, Mexico, Central and South America take up the infrastructure slack on giant buildings g projects? Rail, road and Smart City development?

Whatever happens, this November is going to be very interesting.

If Xi doesn't get Taiwan handed to him, perhaps there is hope of a gentle let down.

Xi will be busy handling his greatest enemy - 1.4 billion Chinese people who want food, shelter, work and hope.