When winning is losing

When Winning is losing

Like finding a diamond in a pile of manure that sits on the property division (border) of four of your neighbors. Good luck with retrieving it.

India hits the lithium jackpot (15 min)


Lithium is the new Oil

Lithium is the new Oil

We bomed some people and brought them freedumb and democrazy (and saved the puppy dogs).  Guess which country has a  ****load of lithium?

World War Three = Agenda 2030 = The Green New Deal = The Destruction Of The Planet! (4 min)


Lithium: The Link Between the Ukraine War and the Clean Energy Transition https://kleinmanenergy.upenn.edu/news-insights/lithium-the-link-between-the-ukraine-war-and-the-clean-energy-transition/
Idaho cobalt mine is a harbinger of what’s to come https://www.hcn.org/articles/north-mining-idaho-cobalt-mine-is-a-harbinger-of-whats-to-come

Manufacturing Will Stop

Manufacturing Will Stop

Continuing inflation and disruptions across all areas of life, now manufactures that turn metals into something else, their electricity cost is too high. Smelters, refiners, manufacturers and fabricators will shut production. Anything metal will stop moving.

Manufacturing Will Stop; What You Can Do (14 min)

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China Extends Power Cuts On Menacing Drought As Lithium, Metals, Solar, And Rice At Risk https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/chi… https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articl… Insurance for vessels leaving Ukrainian ports loaded with grains skyrockets https://en.mercopress.com/2022/08/06/… Zinc, Aluminum Smelters Shuttered In Europe Due To Soaring Power Prices https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-new…

No more car ownership

No more car ownership

I was sent this link in an article about Elon Musk.

At this point, it’s hard to argue Elon is a real genius. Surprisingly, most people still don’t know about his next project, something known as S.A.V.

Click here to see a demo of S.A.V..


The link takes you to an advert which is a hard sell by a tech investment guru to get on board the SAV craze which is going to make trillions. I have no doubt that it is at least in part true   and an appeal to peoples greed is always attractive selling strategy.

However, more important is what it tells us (or doesn’t tell us) about our future. Petrol cars will be phased out quickly and replaced with electric cars which will be hooked up to AI. SAV stands for Shared Autonomous Vehicle.  Your car becomes part of the robocar network and can be ordered with an app on your phone. It becomes a taxi – a shared vehicle.  This video portrays it as an opportunity to earn $30,000 a year by letting others hire your car when it is not in use.  Your car is driver-less and will go to the pick up point by itself….then pick up the client and deliver them to their destination….then return home.  You make money while sitting on your ass, doing nothing. 

Of course, this is utter nonsense.  Apart from the fact that electric cars are not as environmentally friendly as they make out this is about control.   Do you honestly think everyone will be able to own an electric car?  This is about getting rid of cars altogether for most people.  You will be locked in your SMART city.  If you need a car (and your journey is justified) you will be able to order one centrally. And you will then get a car for your journey. If you are a good boy or girl. Otherwise you can remain in lockdown.  Of course they will know where you are going and what you are doing.   They are hoping that greed will get the hopeless sheep to jump on the SAV bandwagon.  They are probably right.


And….neither Elon Musk or Bill Gates are “geniuses”.  They did not build multi-billion dollar businesses by tinkering in their garage.  They were chosen by the MIC/Deep State as front-men for technology that was already waiting to be released. They have teams of scientists working on this for decades.  They have deliberately built myths around these actors.


Update: Lithium is so green