Going full fascist

Going full fascist

Albo-sleazy has gone full fascist.  All he needs to do is grow a moustache.


No hurty memes

No hurty memes

They are coming for the memes (lolz)

Albo doesn’t want memes of himself posted on social media (1 min)

These are some of the responses (lolz):


Do I have any sympathy?   No.  Thousands have died or been injured during the “pandemic” (bio-warfare) and no none will ever answer. Then there is the fact that they are lying about the natural climate change and supporting a brother war and/or a genocide. We are being gaslight continuously.  The only thing we have is meme warfare.   My response to this tweet is that if he wants to prove it is disinfo he will have to strip off publicly.  They are all stooges even Elon Musk and Trump.  There are no good guys.


Like Jackie Lambie who did a 180 degree reversal against “anti-vaxxers” and who now supports ID and censorship.  They obviously got to her.  Was it a threat or blackmail?

Is it all just psychological nudging to get support behind Musk?  It is having the opposite effect.


Tears of a Clown

Tears of a Clown

The second  video live stream which aired on the 14th of March contains my video meme (at about 54 minutes) about the ongoing Debunk the Funk take down.  His channel is obviously supported or boosted because it promotes vaccines (transfections). He is a clown because he tried to lecture Kevin on GMO organisms and protocols even though Kevin has worked for years with monkeys and had to adhere to all the protocols.  These are not “vaccines” they are “transfections” and if you were to treat a monkey with this technique it would be considered a GMO.  The same with humans.  They are being treated with gene therapies and if the were monkeys they would be considered GMO organisms and they would have to be treated accordingly.  That means they would have to be properly isolated and disposed of after experimentation.  And yet, this clown who has bad mouthed Dr Peter McCoullough , Robert Malone and Geert vande Bossche thinks he knows more about bench work than someone who has been dealing with hands on experimentation for decades.  But first a stream that explores the Ukraine situation and shows that the “trash pandas” (raccoons) were correct about SARS-Cov-2 detection.


Ukraine Mercs, Early detection of SARS-CoV-2 Exonerates Trash Pandas, & Brain Autopsy Data (2:21)

Dojo Time Stamps:

  • 00:14:08 Start
  • 01:50:28 “Here we’re starting to see damage control from these people”, video: Albert Bourla “It was most counterintuitive to go the mRNA route”, “the mRNA was the tehcnology that we had less experience, only two years working on this”


Tears of a Bog Brushed Haired Clown And SARS Targeting CD4 T-Cells (2:45)

My meme at about 54 min


Whatever you may think of this approach – irreverent, bawdy..meme ridden, offensive…it is working.  It is waking people up because it is backed by sound science and sound Geo-strategic and Geo-political analysis. They changed the narrative from cronavirus to war but they could change back at any time.  We must keep the pressure up and keep putting the truth out there.