Synthetic data

Synthetic data

Synthetic data or simulated data is just a fancy word for made-up data. There are organizations that construct “fake” data sets for simulations.  The data is based on real data that has been manipulated to present different scenarios.  This could be used by someone conducting an “exercise”  (like Event 201).

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Damage to Children




If fraud is committed and can be proved this removes the indemnity that pharma has.  This could be huge.  In the end there will be a reckoning.




COVID health QR antiTrack

"Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority"
-Francis Bacon

You have permission to download and print the card for your own use. The QR code contains the link to this page.  You have permission to change the logo if you are in a different country but leave the QR code untouched. I have printed it in the format of a business card and done it online. They will send the cards back to my address in less than two-weeks. It only cost $12 for 25 cards.

When asked to sign in simply hold up the card and say;

 "I am OK, I have one of these".   

If they ask what it is, then give them a spare card and tell them to look it up.  No need for any arguments or drama (If you want anonymity use cash payments and wrap your phone in aluminum foil).

You have permission to change the logo if you are in a different country. So, download the image and make the necessary changes but leave the QR code untouched.

Card holder statement

The holder of this Covid health anti-track QR card can in all good conscious not participate in a lie. We refuse to perpetuate the ongoing hoax driven by a corrupted global medical establishment and exaggerated by a media fear propaganda campaign. We known that intelligence services and behavioral scientist are being employed to nudge public conduct and perception. We know the PCR test should not be employed as a diagnostic tool and we know that asymptomatic spread is a myth. We know that the “vaccine” is actually a gene therapy using mRNA and that it is being employed under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) because this is a phase three trial. We known that the virus is being employed to usher in a New World Order and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  We know this and much more which we can back up with scientific evidence and data.   Therefore we refuse to participate in the ongoing lie.

We refuse…..

  • masks
  • standing on dots and/or socially distancing
  • using QR codes or , signing-in, and/or downloading track-and-trace apps
  • vaccination

 You should know….

That court cases are pending (there will be a Nuremberg 2.0)

You should also know that…

The vaccine does not stop transmission, nor does it stop infection. There will be no going back to “normal”.  It is therefore irresponsible to continue using the experimental jab because the risks far outweigh the benefits. Most people already have T cell immunity or cross-immunity. It is criminal to inject children who have statistically ZERO chance of dying from Covid.

And finally…

We have done our research and we know what is going on as the following study from MIT indicates.  The question is why don’t you know what is going on? Why are you playing along with and aiding the introduction of  totalitarianism? Is it fear or is it ignorance? If it is fear pray to God for strength. If it is ignorance educate yourself.

Common law & Common sense

Common law & Common sense

It is good to see people fighting back.  In the UK they are using the Common Law which is from what I can determine is reflective of biblical principles.   Police and Members of Parliament are being served with notices and a peoples Jury will be convened. Common law is older than Napoleonic law  and formulated on a completely different basis. Common Law judges base their decisions on precedent of past decisions and, to a certain extent, common sense as understood at the time of the decision. … In legal systems based on Napoleonic Code, however, judges are supposed to rule based on the legal code, and that’s all.  English Law is supposedly based on Common Law but has become more Napoleonic due to EU influence.  Common Law is a way for people to act both in conjunction with and outside the current legal system to defeat tyrannical laws.

Protest in Spain and Italy

People have had enough. Look what happen with the police in Spain.  Obviously none of this is shown on MSM news.