Down-under Clown World

Down-under Clown World

Just thought I would let you know what is happening in South Australia. Two South Australian senators are breaking ranks and that will put pressure on the govt.

This Irishman speaks for us all.


Nurses protest SA

Nurses protest SA

Four Thousand Health care workers face the sack in Queensland and in Perth Nurses laid down their uniforms in protest. In South Australia nurses are protesting. Meanwhile I am appealing a twitter suspension on one of my accounts.   In Israel they have gone full Hitler with imposing laws and even prison sentences.  They are going to vaccinate you till you drop. You brought it on yourselves.

A recap of the events in Adelaide, South Australia on Nov 2, 2021, where healthcare workers stood together to show their opposition to the vaccine mandates imposed by the Government of South Australia, forcing them to choose between their jobs and medical rights as of Nov 1st.

S.A. Convergence and Tyranny

S.A. Convergence and Tyranny

South Australia seems to be earmarked for something special. In previous articles I highlighted the building of Sky Net at Mawson Lakes with connections going back to One Web with a network of satellites. A company in which the UK govt has a large stake in a private public partnership.  I found my old blog article but YT has removed all the videos. Here follow a few articles that shows you what is planned for South Australia.  An Asia Pacific IoT command center is being planned  (video here: and an AI initiative attracting Google, Amazon and many more. 

"Adelaide is ranked second in the world for computer vision research and has defined an entire sub-sector of the field called visual question and answering (VQA)".  

So sleepy old “country town”  backwater and “city of churches” (lolz) Adelaide is earmarked to become a SMART CITY.  Is this why South Australia has some of the most draconian in your face tyrannical pandemic  laws on the books?  While it is true that they have not been exercised yet they are waiting in the wings. And I bet all that visualization technology came in handy for their tracking and quarantine app.


The government of South Australia is running a trial for a system that could eventually force citizens to take a photo of themselves via a government app to report their location on demand within 15 minutes of authorities requesting it, or face a police investigation.


The pandemic situation in South Australia

As anyone can see from looking at the charts taken from official websites there is no pandemic.   In South Australia we have one person in hospital.  Note that the charts cover an 18 month period to make them look scary. Will we be looking at a 3 year chart soon?  Keep it running on cumulative numbers until the   the trial ends in 2023?  

Are you paying attention?  Knock, knock…hello….anybody home?


I still remember fondly how they cancelled the Adelaide lockdown after less than three days. They blamed it on the Pizza delivery guy lying over contact tracing (lolz). Did it have anything to do with the letters I wrote to all the state MPs and posted all over twitter?  Probably not but curiously the Pizza guy was never prosecuted for wasting police time.


Yesterday I swatted a huge mosquito that was buzzing me. I am not kidding, if it had landed at the airport they would have refueled it (mosquito airplane):

I am not kidding…it was big and when I told my wife she showed me multiple bites on her arm.  That made me do a Google search and the horror:

South Australians are warned to avoid exposure to mosquitoes, following the detection of the potentially deadly Murray Valley Encephalitis Virus and Kunjin virus during routine monitoring.

“Many people infected with MVEv are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms such as fever, headache and nausea.

“Although only a few people who become infected with MVEv will develop more serious symptoms which may include confusion, headaches, neck stiffness, tremors, drowsiness and seizures, for those who do, it can be very serious and is fatal in about 20 per cent of cases. For those who survive, about 40 per cent of people will suffer permanent neurological damage.


Sounds a bit like covid. What can you do about it? Well the advice is to stay indoors. Again it sounds like covid.  The horror. If the covid does not get me the mosquitos will.  What could have caused such an increase in mosquitos?   Well they reckon it is the rain.  The return of the La Niña weather pattern. The perfect storm (pun intended).

There you have it. Convergence of the Climate and Covid narratives to fit the One Health agenda.  Nature is dangerous. Mosquitos, bats…viruses etc etc are all coming to kill you.  Luckily we have the solution because we had the foresight to build your 5G safe space (prison) with all you shiny IoT gadgets and Virtual Reality toys. Who needs nature?  It is dangerous steer clear (the beaches and bush is for the oligarchs).  All I can say is that it is a good thing it was not a Troglodytae.

I am not Paranoid

It is a good thing I am not paranoid and that there is not some sort of madman wanting to vaccinate the world and release mosquitos.

Its a good thing they are not flying all sorts  of mysterious patterns above our heads.

Let us spray

It is a good thing the Australian Intelligence services are not hacking our social media accounts  etc., otherwise I might really get paranoid.

The New Zion (lolz)

Apparently Australia is being set up as the “New Zion” but first we need to get rid of those Right Wing Extremists.

Why Australia? Why Adelaide?

Well, Australia is in a Geo-strategically important location.  It is sparsely populated (therefore easy to control). Australia has 5 cities with more than a million people, 14 cities with between 100,000 and 1 million people, and 31 cities with between 10,000 and 100,000 people. The largest city in Australia is Sydney, with a population of 4,778,044 people. That makes their job easy.

Another consideration is that Australia is on it’s own plate. The Indo-Australian Plate is a major tectonic plate that includes the continent of Australia and surrounding ocean, and extends northwest to include the Indian subcontinent and adjacent waters. Therefore it is relatively stable and within that plate Adelaide escapes the worst of the magnetic excursion.



I think I am paranoid and I think things will get ugly.  Not only that but these people are nuts if they think that they can escape divine wrath.  It is all going down. 

Sweaty man in undies writes blog

We are experiencing a heat wave in South Australia.  I am typing this in my undies with the air conditioning on (I will spare the readers any pictures). It is expected to peak over 45 Celsius over the next two days.   My attention was grabbed by a Sputnik News  article that mentioned South Australia in connection with Rossby waves.

Of course, this is anti-Greta propaganda but the mention of Rossby waves got my attention. Rossby waves, also known as planetary waves, naturally occur in rotating fluids. Within the Earth’s ocean and atmosphere, these waves form as a result of the rotation of the planet. … Oceanic and atmospheric Rossby waves —also known as planetary waves — naturally occur largely due to the Earth’s rotation.  The scientific article that Sputnik refers to is probably this one in Nature; Amplified Rossby waves enhance risk of concurrent heatwaves in major breadbasket regions .   This video offers a good explanation of the waves:


Climate Change?

Well, the climate is definitely changing but is it man made?   The scientist above suggests a much when he says that “if the world gets warmer then more extreme rainfall and heatwaves are to be expected”.  However, since this video we have also had extreme cold (polar vortex) and the sun also has Rossby waves.

Weird weather

We have always maintained that climate change is “God made” not “man made”.  The weather is not just getting “warmer” but the climate is changing.  The seasons are shifting and we are getting heat waves and polar vortex etc.  The discovery of the importance of Rossby waves demonstrates that there is much that we simply do not know.  The system is complex and chaotic and I believe that it is influenced by space weather and our own polar shift.  If our inner-core is starting to rotate surely this influences our weather? And why is our polarity changing?  So much that we simply do not understand.

Maunder Minimum

We are still in a Maunder Minimum which means no sunspots.  The year 1913 was also noted for 311 days without sunspots. It was a year filled with wild weather extremes including the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth in Death Valley, CA. The temperature recorded in 1913 was  56.7 Celsius (134 Fahrenheit).   Zharkova has become more careful about her pronouncements no doubt because she is feeling the heat (pun intended) from the climate nutters.  She believes that we are headed for another (mini?) ice age with the next cycle also being a minimum and I tend to believe her (because of her PCA stats and work on wave dynamics) rather than NASA that is predicting that the next cycle will be a solar maximum.  We will soon find out.

Greta the time traveler



Apparently Greta can time travel but could she have known that we will be saved by the banks? (LOL)


In conclusion

The weekend will be cooler!    Nice weather on Xmas Day and Boxing Day (25-26 Celsius).  Everyone coming around for a Barbie.  I will throw a shrimp on the barbie for you.  Enjoy the Xmas break and hope you all have a healthy New Year.