Flee to Nairobi

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Flee to Nairobi

My advice to Brits is to flee to Nairobi.  Maybe we should all flee. At least they will have a decent railroad.

Rishi Sunak’s HUGE cost climate betrayal (3 min)

While it is true that the British (Anglo-Zionist) empire brought much blood shed it also brought benefits.  Was it a force for good and stability? Will the good outweigh the bad in the scales of history?  It was a human empire and like all empires they bring both good and bad and are built for man’s glory not for the glory of God who regards them as beasts.

King Nebuchadnezzar who boasted of the extent of his empire and the shelter it provided like some sort of world tree was struck with madness and literally turned into a beast. The Anglo-Zionists (and I include the USA in this) have wreaked havoc in the world and now like any cornered beast they are dangerous.  However, it is not right that ordinary people should suffer and make “reparations” for the excesses of a powerful elite.  Moreover, the Anglo-Zionists are being undermined by globo homo. A pox on both their houses.

Why should we pay for developing the world (3 min)

They DON’T want you to know this but he KEEPS saying the truth outloud | Redacted News (27 min)

See what they say about Australia at 18 mins.  The whole Western world is marching in “lockstep” to their doom.