Gigaohm Biological (11 Oct)

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Gigaohm Biological (11 Oct)

Not watched this yet.  J.C. has been MIA for the last two weeks.   I wonder why?


Comment added on 12/10/2022:

Having watched the video I can now add a comment (12/10/2022).  Frankly I am disappointed.  J.C. is going back (again) to calling Covid an elaborate psyop. A redefining of flu and influenza data and manipulating mortality figures thereby discounting GOF. There is no doubt that they did exaggerate and run a psyop but Covid has distinct symptoms.  We know the virus is not "novel" as it shares 60% of its epitopes with other coronaviruses.  However the furin cleavage site (FCS) is unique and is not found in nature although the FCS does form part of the 19 nucleotide sequence in the MHS3 Homolog that Moderna patented in 2017.  J.C. stated that GP120HIV-1 and DC-sign is generic to other coronaviruses (and is therefore not unique) which is why short peptide inhibitors work on many of the Sars coronaviruses family thus implying that Charles Rixey had been misled?  However, they have been experimenting with GOF on coronaviruses for years.    SARS-Cov-1 and MERS etc may well also have had GOF inserts. J.C. asserts that they cobbled together a GOF "scare story" by taking this bit out of nature and adding that bit from a lab. However, many people got very sick with Covid without exhibiting flu symptoms. You can make the case that the virus was not novel and therefore some pre-existing T cell memory was present, but some people got very sick.
1. The virus was real 
2. It was GOF and it was deliberately released 
3. Some people had some pre-existing immunity 
4. They exaggerated the death figures 
5. They ran a psyop to terrify people.
 All these ideas can co-exist, they are not mutually exclusive.  If  memory serves me, all-cause mortality did increase but happened in the flu and influenza seasons prior to the official Covid "pandemic" narrative.  We also had the strange "vaping illness" with symptoms akin to Covid. In my view the virus ( or a variant thereof) was circulating before 2019 and was  already pushing up all-cause mortality destroying the statistical baseline. They have been experimenting for decades with pathogens and tick born vectors etc.  It may well be the case that Covid 19 was released to mask a previous leak. In any case this whole exercise was planned to coincide with the first signs of market liquidity because the Federal Reserve started Repo on 18 Sept 2019.  While I agree that many elderly who died from the original Covid 19 Wuhan strain received the wrong treatment protocols (ventilators, midazolam and/or remdesivir) that only occurred in certain places (e.g. New York).


National Immunomythology Update: Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (2:17)