Hail Satan

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Hail Satan

Have you offered your prayers to Lucifer today? (lolz).. Satan is wandering to and fro in the earth looking for the next Eddie Barzoon (lolz).  They are Malthusian Eugenicists and they are evil.

World Invocation Day And The LUCIS TRUST!!! (17 min)


The Theosophists-Kabbalists-Gnostic cultists do not even stay true to their own “gospels” (lolz)

The Gnostic View of Women (6 min)


This is not Christianity it is Theosophy.    It is Gnosticism.    It is Kabbalism. It is Christ consciousness.  It is apostasy and the great deception.

COALECING – featuring Scott McKay and “His Glory” – they are in fact equally yoked! (6 min)


It is weaponized religion by the intelligence agencies.  They need to destroy and reformulate Christianity in order to introduce a New Age Religion to host their dystopia run by Artificial Intelligence and controlled by the oligarchs.  A New Age Religion based on Virtual Reality and psychedelic drugs to fool the masses into believing that are in a higher spiritual state all the while milking and tokenizing their behavior in the noosphere. The fevered dreams of fantasists and madmen.  A global apostasy.  Christianity has been heavily under attack.  It has even been presented as a “Jewish PsyOP” (lolz) which  is patently untrue. Christian-Zionism is a Jewish PsyOp (and the Jews love it) but true Christianity is hated by the Jews.  Islam on the other hand is rabbinic in origin and the Jews would have little trouble accommodating and absorbing a law-and-works based religion as they share similar practices. 

Larry Johnson: Religion and The End of Times (2 mins)