How is the Yinon plan going?

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What does the U.S. expect when it kills some 30 Iraqi security forces who were fighting ISIS 300 miles away from a minor attack on a U.S. base? Of course the Iraqi’s are going to protest and storm the embassy.

Apparently Qassem Soleimani traveled up and down to Iraq (frequent flyer?).   He was targeted for assassination at Baghdad airport.    Now let me think.   Who (which country) is known for using assassination as a military strategy?   I really can’t put my finger on it.     Qassem Soleimani defeated ISIS and for that reason was held in high regard by Iraqi Christians and Iraqis generally.   He obviously thought he was dealing with civilized people and did not feel the need to hide when visiting Iraq. Anyone remember that when Iran destroyed the  unmanned drone they did not shoot down the accompanying AWACS?   And now for some light entertainment: