SARS Neuroscience

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SARS Neuroscience

This two and a half hour stream by Dr Kevin McCairn looks at an article that about amyloid aggregation in spinal cord.  This is exactly what Dr Kevin McCairn warned about more than two years ago.We know that a recent study showed a 69% increase in risk for Alzheimer in the elderly. He is still raising money for equipment to perform non-human primate studies in which he can induce amyloidosis.  So I appeal to readers of this blog to visit the Dojo page and leave a tip.  Dr Kevin McCairn with the help of Simon Phoenix has built an independent platform on which I am already uploading my own videos.

The stream starts at about 10 minutes. Kevin briefly comments on the subcommittee hearing where we watch a Professor squirming like a weasel and doing an impression of Manuel from Barcelona.

Kevin briefly discusses the following paper: Huaier Effects on Functional Compensation with Destructive Ribosomal RNA Structure after Anti-SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination

Huaier Granule is a type of traditional Chinese medicine (mushroom) is considered to be a promising adjuvant therapy for breast cancer.  Although this paper was study Huaier they noted that a significant destruction in ribosomal RNA structures was identified, enhanced by serial shots…the influence resulted in massive inhibition of translation and transcription, significantly in intra/inter neural signaling transfer and in lipid metabolism, related to ageing process.  This is exactly what we warned about..

It is not pneumonia or flu it has long-term consequences

The paper that Kevin spends most time discussing (starts at 01:14) is the following: SARS-CoV-2 and HSV-1 Induce Amyloid Aggregation in Human CSF and it confirms everything that Kevin warned about.

SARS Neuroscience: Amyloid Aggregation in Spinal Cord (2:31)