Bankster takeover

Bankster takeover



Comment on ZeroHedge:

This article is spot on. The videos depict such eloquent hypocrisy. Great companies who have historically “taken care of customers”? What, like mass murdering Monsanto and Pfizer? Orwellian Horse ****. These stakeholders have their biggest stake in mass depopulation (through poison disguised as food and and clot shots disguised as vaccines). Their second biggest stake is in tyranny disguised as “governance” (CBDC anyone?). And finally, perhaps their most disingenuous lie is “environmental” destruction (like Nord Stream 2 and Lahaina) at an ongoing and accelerated pace, offset by the material leveling of the trans-humanized (dehumanized) underclass.

I credit Ramaswamy with his brilliantly successful “anti-ESG” ETF as a beautiful black eye to “forcing behaviors” Fink and the entire ESG virtue racket.

Like everything else they “produce”, their virtue (like their money, and their intellect) is artificial. Carney, Fink, Rothschild and Biden can all go straight to Hell along with Francis.

This is what happens when you give bankers the power to create wealth from nothing. Did we ever really think we could trust these sociopaths with that kind of power? Of course not, they gradually stole it in a generational con game.

People are waking up to the con.

Unsound Banking System

Unsound Banking System

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Bank Failure

Bank Failure

This is the first of many.  How do you go broke?   Slowly at first then all of a sudden.  This is the beginning.

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