Losses Mount

Losses Mount

Baerbock, Leopards are like iPhones. Habeck, no Russian gas in 2024. Biden insurance policy. U/1

Ukrainian Offensive Amid Week 2: NATO Rushes in More Armor as Losses Mount (25 min)

Russia Regains Vremivka Ledge, Captures Leo2s Bradleys, Ukraine Begs More Arms, Blinken Talks (1:02)

“This crosses the line!” – Putin slams U.S. for sending depleted uranium to Ukraine | Redacted News (14 min)

They Just Can’t Stop Bombing Civilian Infrastructure, Huh? (4 min)



NAFO is Naf. It stands for the North Atlantic Fellas Organization is an Internet meme and social media movement dedicated to countering Russian propaganda and disinformation.

Graham to Blinken, arrest Putin. DeSantis, Russia gas station with nukes. Hersh, The Cover Up. U/1  (33 min)

Putin Vows Response To Nuke Threat From U.K.! (5 min)

Seymour Hersh: How the CIA covered-up the Nord Stream pipeline attack | Redacted w Clayton Morris (18 min)

Ukraine turning into a ‘Forever War’

My comment underneath the video:

Lolz. Another good propaganda piece. America doesn't lose wars it loses interest (lolz). You mean like when it ran away from Vietnam or more recently Afghanistan. And I like the line about Russia recruiting those who won't be missed...you mean like the USA fighting until the blood of the last Ukrainian is shed...because the Ukrainians won't be missed. The West managed to push Russia and China together as well as Saudi and Iran. The Russian economy will actually grow while Western economies shrink. You do know that it is the end of empire? The rest of the world is getting ready to de-dollarize.


Depleted uranium to Ukraine

Depleted uranium to Ukraine

Depleted uranium to Ukraine. Putin, Russia forced to react. Lavrov, this will end badly for UK. U/1 (13 min)

Russia Claims More Bakhmut, Prigozhin Warns of Ukraine attack; China Russia Go For Full Integration (1:08)

The U.S. CANNOT hide this in Ukraine anymore | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (15 min)

China-Russia meeting; deepening economic, energy and military cooperation (29 min)

The Hidden Proxy War Washington Wages against China (18 min)

Why Xi Jinping’s meeting with Vladimir Putin may change the world as we know it (29 min)

Depleted uranium weapons to Ukraine

Depleted uranium weapons to Ukraine

BREAKING! US is sending depleted uranium weapons to Ukraine | Redacted with Clayton Morris(14 min)

Running out of ammo (32 min)

Zelensky Insults the King and UK, Weather Balloon fiasco, Scholz silent on Nordstream revelations (39 min)

The Ukrainian army has been bled to death (33 min)