Baby killers and Dictators

Baby killers and Dictators

We deserve better leaders than this (or maybe we don’t)   they are all so foul and stupid. It really is clown world.

Blinken’s reaction, priceless. Biden calls Xi a dictator. Trudeau warns Israel. Cameron in Kiev. U/1 (40 min)

Biden Angry, Calls Xi ‘Dictator’, US Business Applauds Xi; US Isolated UN SC; Sullivan Sleepless (1:24 min)

The Fall | Crazy Iskander Hit | Ukraine Sends Women Into The Trenches. Military Summary 2023.11.16 (22 min)

“Stop Killing Babies!” Trudeau tells Netanyahu in STUNNING Gaza warning | Redacted News (20 min)

MBS positions himself as leader of Arab world (25 min)









Sullivan urges Kherson offensive

Sullivan urges Kherson offensive

Russia Build-up Continues, Sullivan Flies to Kiev Urges Kherson Offensive, Change in Ukraine Stance (50 min)

Jake Sullivan is the United States National Security Advisor to Joe Biden.


More soldiers are going to die. Both Russians and Ukrainians so that Biden can look good at the midterms. More civilians will die. They don’t care.

Russia Fires TOS-1A “Heavy Flamethrower” Rockets On Kharkiv Ukraine (13 min)