Sullivan urges Kherson offensive

Sullivan urges Kherson offensive

Russia Build-up Continues, Sullivan Flies to Kiev Urges Kherson Offensive, Change in Ukraine Stance (50 min)

Jake Sullivan is the United States National Security Advisor to Joe Biden.


More soldiers are going to die. Both Russians and Ukrainians so that Biden can look good at the midterms. More civilians will die. They don’t care.

Russia Fires TOS-1A “Heavy Flamethrower” Rockets On Kharkiv Ukraine (13 min)

Hung out to dry

Hung out to dry

With friends like America who needs enemies?  Ask Germany….ask Ukraine.   Good analysis by Richard.

Ukraine Applies for NATO Membership: WW3 Coming? (13 min)

Russia Mobilises, Ukraine New Kherson Offensive, Suffers Heavy Losses, Slowed by Autumn Rains (41 min)

SMO coming to an end, conflict paradigm shift. Lavrov, Russian diplomacy success (34 min)

Ukraine’s Offensives vs. Russian Mobilization (30 min)

Ukraine Referendums: are we heading for ALL OUT WAR? (30 min)




Another 3 Billion $ to Ukraine

Another 3 Billion $ to Ukraine

Another 3 Billion$ to Ukraine.  I am sure they will spend it wisely.

Ukraine’s Offensive Coincides with US $3 Billion+ Aid Package – Russian Ops in Ukraine Sep. 9, 2022 (17 min)

China Agrees to Pay for Russian Gas in Roubles & Yuan (9 min)

Ukraine Reportedly Ends Kherson Offensive, Switches to Kharkov; Putin Blames EU for Gas Crisis (51 min)

Zelensky To Retake Crimea

Zelensky To Retake Crimea

The clown of Ukraine says he is going to retake Crimea but they are so short of manpower that they are going to recruit women.  Apparently they don’t have enough bodies for the meat grinder.  The West is running out of ammunition to supply Ukraine.  What an absolute debacle.

Zelensky To Retake Crimea. Ukraine To Mobilize WOMEN. Claims of NATO Leopard 2A4 Tanks in Kherson. (10 min)

Kherson Offensive at Standstill, US Weapons Stocks Depleted, EU Throws Money at Gas Crisis-Inflation (1:03)

Estonia Prepare for GUERILLA WAR. T-34 Drives To Estonian Border. Russian Embassy in Kabul BOMBED. (12 min)

Congrats to the UK for your new Prime Minister (lolz).

Putin just told us EXACTLY what’s coming for Europe | Redacted with Clayton Morris (7 min)


Ukraine blows itself up

Ukraine blows itself up

This is my strategic assessment of the situation (lolz)…surely at some point they should stop supplying Wile E Coyote with explosives?


Kherson Offensive: What Went Wrong? (25 min)

Russia Acts to End Ukraine Ingulets Bridgehead; Deploys 3rd Army to Donbass (43 min)

Q & A: ‘The Enemy Within’ strategy (44 min)