The MacKinder world Island

The MacKinder world Island

This is based on Brendon O’Connells material.   Credit where credit is due.  He was correct and he suffered for his truth.  Here are selected quotes from his emails to Patreons.  I hope that he does not mind but I encourage you to become a $10 Patreon.  He works hard and his material and videos are top notch.  He is not a right-wing extremist and is a person of faith.



Taiwan may well be next.

Despite huge new production capacity coming online, there is constant talk of new chip shortages. There is no giant demand for iOT fridges and electric cars. This is preparation for the loss of Taiwan and Taiwan Semi Conductor. It makes sense. Hand TSMC to China to further rush their chip design and manufacturing abilities. A greater threat than the Soviet Union they will say. Panic…


Covid lock downs will require alot of computers for 3 billion Indians and Chinese. VR headsets and gaming rigs to keep the peasants amused as they remain indoors for extended periods of time and all work and school is done from home.

They are rushing the 5G UN Smart City surveillance program. Blundering and tripping as they go.


War is all they have left.

Sweden smashes the Covid lockdown over play with their own official statistics. You don’t need to devastate your economy and create innumerable alternative health crisis to “flatten the curve”. But it’s really not about a virus.

Life in Sweden During COVID Pandemic 2021- Pros of No lockdown and No Mandatory Masking


Many of you ask me, “What can we do?” It was never up to you. It was up to the innumerable internet heroes who are making a good living reading other peoples googling they got off the internet into a camera. Proclaiming themselves journalistic and political dissidents, whilst being nothing that an opportunistic failed multi media student or fully employed Dynology IIA employee.

In the Christian tradition, those who’s fate it is to “tend the flock” are given a huge responsibility and much glory if done in the right frame of mind. Conversely, if the flock is lead to their own destruction, that shepherd will not have an easy time of it in this world and the next. As they are doing well in this world (so far) and don’t believe in the world to come, I guess they will keep doing their “thing” until they feel their game has a cost.

That may come sooner than they think.

Semper Fidelis

In another post he says:

In other words, they worked to destroy the United States and hand central Asia into the hands of those wonderful democratically inclined and freedom loving people in Vladimir PUTIN, Xi Jing PING, Benyamin NETANYAHU/BENNET (same deal) and Iran. Because that's what feel good liberal leftists do. What are they really...."Communists". 

He is referring to your Whitney Webb, James Corbett, Alex Jones, Icke etc etc.  All managed opposition to keep your eye off the ball. 

They are limited hangouts.   They sold you out.  No mention of the bridge and Road, Iran, etc etc.

You are in the matrix

They are the gate keepers……

Are you ready?



Another video from Brendon O’Connell once again with a vulgarity warning for the sensitive although it is not as bad as some of his old material.  Once again I believe it is too important to ignore.  In this video he takes Whitney Webb to task and puts flesh on his critique which is (in my view) valid.  Whitney is very good at the subjects she analyses……but the point is that she deliberately avoids certain subjects.  She gave a very good interview about Chile and Tanzania (see article below) but she is a limited hangout.  She studiously avoids certain subjects.  Brendon is correct.  He is also correct that we are in the fight of our lives even though most people are blissfully unaware. The shocking thing is the number of Christians that are oblivious.  This is what I have seen today:

  • The European Court of Human Rights rules mandatory vaccines are OK in a democracy.
  • Pharma companies are developing 240 novel vaccines.

That said, I get the impression that more people are waking up and are going to refuse. That is a good thing but it means they will go all out now. They cannot turn back.  It is all or nothing. Brendon is correct – expect food shortages, grid down and internet shutdown and digital currency.  They simply cannot back down.

The first half of the show talks about how Twitch is changing its cancellation policy. Patreon is doing something similar. Soon if you are critical (truthful) on one platform and if it is classed as “hate speech” (which is very subjective) you will be cancelled everywhere.  This will do two things…it will make some people outcasts and it will stifle the truth.   It will also drive people who value free speech to platforms like Parler or Gab.  It will create enclaves and division (which is what they want). It will also make it easier to label people.  For example…he is on Gab therefore he/she must be a right wing extremist.  This sort of politics – herding people into groups and dehumanizing them is always the precursor to genocide. 

This link was included by Brendon in the comments section. I intend to read it fully when I get the time. Looks interesting.

On Psychological & Influence Ops in the Info Age: Q in the Crosshairs





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