Testing weapons and surveillance

Testing weapons and surveillance

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Israel working with death squads and genocide regimes everywhere. Giving them surveillance technology, weapons and training.  The have their own “test lab” where they can experiment with new technologies and sell them as “battle tested”. Many police forces get “special” training in Israel.

Israel is not a light to the nations.

As Gaza goes so the rest of the world goes.  As the Palestinians so everyone else.

Artificial Intelligence, vaccines, computer tech….you name it and Israel is at the forefront.



Israeli Cyber Domination

Israeli Cyber Domination

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Video is at the bottom of the article 1.5 hours

This is what Brendon writes as introduction:

NSO and Pegasus "back door" software is 'big ongoing news' and the revelations will continue in this MSM and Alt Media "controlled release". But what is the giant 'back end' to this rehashed Israeli private intelligence group 'spying teaser' being pushed hard around the planet?

NSO and their activities is small fry nothing burger material compared to the giant back end the controlled media of all kinds wont talk about - Israeli total and utter, complete, penetration of the planets critical infrastructure, and biggest hardware and software companies like Microsoft (including Windows) and Intel Corporation.

 As a Patreon supporter I get to see the videos a bit earlier (before they get made public) and I also get sent emails.  This is what I got in my inbox (see PDF).  I have reproduced it here to show you that Brendon suffered for his truth. They sent him to prison and beat him to a pulp and broke his arm.  That is what happens when you challenge Jewish power. He is still suffering PTSD and his health is not so good. So, I have a lot of time for Brendon. He is the real deal.


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Brendon is fighting a battle with YouTube because they keep censoring his videos without giving a valid reason. They are breaking contract law so Brendon is gathering evidence. The purges continue.  Dr Kevin McCairn just got his Discord server node nuked. He (and his community) had to rebuild all the links and mailing lists.  Yet, if you put out misinformation that the virus does not exist etc then your channel gets a quarter of a million views and is boosted by the algorithms.  Do you see what is happening here?



Turning Tide?

Turning Tide?

The Indian News seems to be more balanced and based than the MSM.  Here follow two stories that seem to show that the tide is starting to turn against Israel and China.

It is obvious that Israel is behind the Pegasus spying scandal (and much more) and China is deeply involved with bio-weapons.  However, do not let them find convenient scapegoats. There are many guilty parties and some of them are not even nation-states.  The Brits sent their one aircraft carrier. Have the sailors recovered yet from their covid jabs?   China is literally turning the Yellow Sea brown with their poo (lol). Is it a secret weapon?