NWO Australia

NWO Australia

They used to call Australians from England POMs (Prisoner of Mother England) because many were transported to Australia as punishment.   An open air prison.   Now Australia is being turned into an open air NWO prison (SMART cities for DUMB people).  This will happen slowly at first in incremental stages until the whole system is set up ready to be activated.  The masses are dull and stupid and don’t even notice the trap being built around them…..in fact they are willing participants until the point is reached when they suddenly realize that they are slaves.  Australia girt by idiots not girt by sea (national anthem).

🚨🚨 Your ‘SMART’ city is tracking you!  (3 min)
This is in Adelaide….seems innocuous doesn’t it?  Just like Woolworth’s etc having car to boot ordering and everything going online.  You are already in a SMART city and soon they will geo-fence you.   They are already legislating 15 min cities (suburbs) in the UK where you are rationed car travel options.  Wait until they tighten the screws. You will need permission to go out your front door.


What next? Permission to say anything online and a visit from the police if you say something they deem naughty?

Well at least they are not taking your kids off you yet.

The Australian Babies Case (58 min)


This is just the start and it will get worse.   Food will be used as a weapon and so will energy.  You will comply.  They own you and you will do as you are told.  As it gets colder they will tighten the screws.