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Censorship Central

Censorship Central

Is this why they are ramping up censorship in Australia?


The first use case of Digital ID just droppedโ€ฆ and weโ€™re spending millions to censor the next Gen. (1 min)

Way Down Under

Way Down Under

We get what we deserve……and way down we go…


Man we are heading down….way down we go…go..go


Sign the petition….(will it make any difference??? )
Hi my name is Paul Campion (Campo) . Following recent efforts by the Albanese government and e-safety commissioner Julie Inman Grant to censor the social media platform X , I took it upon myself to submit a petition on the House of Representatives website with the following terms. Petition number: EN6169 Date submitted: 23/04/2024 Terms: Reason: The Australian constitution does not at this time have written anywhere in its entirety a citizens right to freedom of speech or a citizenโ€™s right to freedom of the press . Australians citizens deserve the right to these particular freedoms and the mentioned freedoms must be enshrined in the Australian constitution. The governments elected by the Australian people should not have the right to censor the press or dictate the speech of Australian citizens in any manner ! Freedom of Speech must be the basis of the Australian culture! It is the most simple yet powerful of all freedoms and Australians must be allowed it. Request: We therefore ask the House to by all means necessary apply Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press into the Australian Constitution The petition was considered by the Standing Committee on Petitions at a recent meeting, and was found to meet the petition requirements. It is now available for signature online. See the petition link to sign below! Please share this link with everyone you know and help change Australia for the good ! Signatures close: 12/06/2024 The petition can be viewed here Petition number EN6169

If you’re seeing this, I’m in jail (6 min)

We run you down….down to your core…

Welcome to Prison

Welcome to Prison

Australia used to be a prison colony and is fast becoming one again.ย  You thought you lived in “democracies” think again.ย  The imprisoning of McBride is symbolic for what is coming to all of us.


Who voted for Digital ID?ย ย  For that matter who voted for sending more money to Ukraine?

They have already killed thousands of Australians with their “vaccines” and are building factories in Victoria for more vaccines.ย  If you thought mandates were bad wait until you need an ID to do anything.ย  If you refuse you will be cut out of society.ย  Your choice of course. Can’t pay your bills because you don’t have an ID?ย  We will just take your home. This is full spectrum dominance.

McBride got a six year sentence for revealing classified information.ย  This story has been turned into a left vs right issue when it is no such thing.ย  Why should information regarding the investigation of war crimes be classified?ย  Why is that a state secret?

This story is being spun as McBride gave the info to the ABC because he wanted to protect soldiers from malicious prosecution and that he later changed his tune stating that the military were covering up war crimes.ย  McBride was a lawyer and therefore familiar with the cases and prosecutions and from what he has said the military were very lax in investigating war crimes but when it threatened to become a public issue they went into cover your ass mode and overcompensated with investigations and rules of engagement. So once again spin. People do not risk their career and jail time for the hell of it.ย  What you are seeing here is the military and the establishment closing ranks.ย  It is a simple open and shut case.ย  He broke the law and took classified documents.ย  Documents about war strategy?ย  NO.ย  Documents about nukes?ย  NO. Documents aboutย  troop deployment?ย  NO.ย  Documents about war crime investigations.ย ย  The military should not be investigating itself.ย  That is a conflict of interest. All this has shades of Assange written all over it.ย  Military and Government cover-up with the help of “journalists”.ย  The message is loud and clear.ย  The state approves of murder (and genocide).

And while we are at it what did 20 years in Afghanistan achieve?ย  America literally ran away. Was the drug dealing no longer profitable? ๐ŸคฃTwenty years of slaughter for nothing. Whatever the motive for McBrides actions…either highlighting war crimes or highlighting malfeasance and unfair treatment of soldiers or both issues…he thought it was serious enough to risk everything.ย  That speaks of character and integrity.

And all you numpties out there jumping on the left vs right or patriot vs traitor bandwangon soon those same soldiers and police will be coming to lock you up.ย  Retards.


Prison Colony

Prison Colony

They are building the (digital) walls of the prison colony as we speak.

Digital Identity Bill passes through Phase 1 of 3 in the House of Representatives of Australia (3 min)

EXCLUSIVE โ€“ I interview the eSafety Commissioner โ€“ When Malcontent met Julie (6 min)

Australia Get Ready

Australia Get Ready



Get ready for more vicious “random” violence.ย  They need to create the problem so that they can offer the solution (Hegelian Dialectic).ย  We had another attack with a bishop beingย  stabbed in Church during a service.ย  The video has been removed from Twitter. ย  Look how the grubs in the press reported it:


Apparently he was an anti-vaxxer so that makes it OK then? (He was anti-genocide as well it being an Armenia church). Was the attacker vaccinated? Perhaps that explains the lack of impulse control. The gaslighting is next level. The Bishop was taken to hospital and is doing OK. The attacker was Muslim and he cut his own fingers off probably by the way he held his knife. This attack in Sydney follows the attack at Bondi which stinks of PsyOp. Apparently the schizo attacker was a male escort. Go figure. All very questionable.

Natural Born Oz Killer


Today, me in Big W looking for a broom and a computer mouse then over the sound system the announcement…ย ย  If you see someone acting suspiciously please report it and we will call the police. Me (with beard and long hair) thinking shall I go to the knife section and start looking through the big kitchen knives (lolz).ย  You think that sounds like SciFi?ย  A bit “black mirror”.ย  They already have 70,000 data points on most people. If you have been for a blood test they probably have your DNA. In Australia they are already advertising a wearable heart monitor because so many people (for some strange reason) are having heart problems.ย  If you think your Government loves you, then you are the cooker. They want full spectrum dominance.ย  Why do you think Elon Musk is investing in neuralink.ย  Because he wants to heal the paralytic and cure the blind?ย  I thought Trump was orange Jesus.

This is fear programming.ย  Like the lockdown.ย  Please stay six feet away from other meat bags.ย  Please walk on the dots. Please wear a mask.ย  A cloth will do.ย  Or an old pair of underpants (lolZ). And the dumb sheep march in lockstep to their slaughter and enslavement.

True story son was at the chemist picking up medicationย  and a mother was there with her children to get them flu shots (flu shots at seven years old??).ย  The seven year old girl collapsed and they had to ring an ambulance.ย  The mother praising her kids for being so brave. The chemist assistant saying this is "normal"ย  a "stress reaction".ย  My son said nothing.ย  What can you say???

They want you afraid of plague and/or violence and/or climate and/or …. (fill in the blank) because they have already passed the legislation.ย  They need the public afraid so that they will cry out to the Government to save them.ย  YOU DO NOT LIVE IN DEMOCRACIES.ย ย  The Yes vote was defeated in a national referendum and the state of South Australia is still going forward with it.ย  They don’t care what you think.ย  At all.ย  At all.



They already have the solution to the “random violence” problem.ย ย ย  More security.ย  More stop and search. Digital ID.ย  Face scanning.ย  Blah Blah.ย  Eventually this will lead to a wearable to monitor your health (blood pressure, oxygen, heart rate, sweating etc) because we have a “health crisis” (which appeared out of nowhere lolz).ย  Couple this with all the data and profiling they will be able to predict behavior using Artificial Intelligence and send alerts by Geo-location to phones. ย  Alert. scruffy man with beard and long hair (sends image of me to your phone) approaching knife section of the store (increased heart rate and blood pressure) about to go on a killing spree (lolz).

They have already passed the legislation but it is “voluntary” (lolz,lolz,lolz). Got to give it to Pauline Hanson on this one:

Pauline Hanson Exposes The Truth Behind Australia’s Rushed Digital Identity Laws.(2 min)

Itโ€™s Voluntary.(4 min)

The Exact Moment the Government passed the Digital Identity Bill in Australia. (1 min)


They are collapsing the financial system and using all means possible to usher in a New World Order which is a type of banker, corporate fascism.ย  Guaranteed we all face another “plague’ lockdown and/or war.ย  There will be curfews etc and they want digital ID to match up with Central Bank Digital Currency.ย  Do you get it yet? ย  Do you get it? ย  You will be the commodity in a tokenism blockchain economy.ย  Full Spectrum Dominance. Not even bodily autonomy.


CITIZENS REPORT 11/4/2024 – Bankersโ€™ sniper shoots the messenger / Western moral bankruptcy exposed (52 min)


If you missed the last (very good) Citizen Report about the Anglo-Zionist Temple plot it is here :

Anglo-Zionist Temple Mount Plot

The net tightens in prison colony Australia

The net tightens in prison colony Australia


Absolutely disgusting…..ย ย  There should be a referendum.


The Exact Moment the Government passed the Digital Identity Bill in Australia. (2 min)

Federal Australian government to press ahead with digital identity (4 min)

Pauline Hanson Exposes The Truth Behind Australia’s Rushed Digital Identity Laws. (2 min)

Malcolm Roberts BLASTS the entire Government bureaucracy for wanting Digital ID in Australia (5 min)