Summary…..being unvaccinated is far better.  TOLD YOU SO.

The immune system is influenced by the history of infection or vaccination (imprinting) and vaccine response to infection is influenced by such imprinting in how immune response to infection is mounted. This imprinting influence is powerful enough that the previous history of SARS-CoV-2 infection prior to re-infection by the Omicron can influence response to the Omicron. 

Vaccine response post infection – COVID-19 vaccines update 54 (11 min)

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JC News Brief July 24 2021

J.C. News Brief July 24 2021



These are the articles and scientific papers that JC references:

The big lie

I have called my second tweet the big lie because that “scientific” article is arguing that the vaccine (gene therapy) stops the virus mutating.  This article might as well bear the title…blame the unvaccinated for the mutations.   JC says that the article is rubbish and should be binned.   They are trying to bamboozle people with (bad) science.  These are some of the comments under the article:

Linear entropy is a measure of how evenly spread are the lineages. As stated, if for one month all sequences are the same lineage (no diversity), then the measure is zero… on the other hand if the sequences are evenly distributed amongst all 1296 lineages, the value is about 7. When a VOC appears, it is labelled a VOC precisely because a large number of cases are seen of that lineage! So, of course, when VOCs begin to dominate the linear entropy decreases.

Figure 1 shows that starting in January 2021, just as alpha becomes dominant, linear entropy begins to decline as expected. January 2021 happens to be the time that mass vaccination gets underway - so it is not clear how much (or if any) of the reduced diversity is due to vaccination.

The second claim in the title (regarding breakthrough infections) is questionable. The sample size is small and no statistical test is presented that supports the claim of greater diversity in the unvaccinated compared to vaccinated.

That confirms that mass vaccination with spike-only antigen streamlines the coronavirus evolution.