Even Uranus is affected

Even Uranus is affected

Even Uranus felt the heat (lolz)


Huge Solar Eruption, Sun and Health, Polar Storms | S0 News Mar.10.2024

Climate Science Propaganda – Volcanic Eruptions & Cooling – Ice Free Arctic – Geomagnetic Excursion (56 min)


Northeast Braces For Cold, Dangerous Winds & Snow – Ibu Volcano Explodes – Superconductivity Scandal (11 min)


The War Of Economic Corridors (Andy Schectman)-1 hour

The Arctic Century begins with the Northern Sea Route being dominated by Russia and China with nuclear powered ice breakers bypassing all sea routes controlled by western powers. At the same time the BRICS nations begin to trade and sell in local currencies among the group outside the US Dollar. What does it mean for the planet? Andy Schectman CEO of Miles Franklin and David DuByne present a possible future unfolding and how it will effect your life.




Volcanic eruptions

Volcanic eruptions

Marapi Volcano Explodes To 50,000ft – Atmospheric Rivers To Wallop The Northwest – Earthquake Watch (9 min)

12/03/2023 — New Large M7.0 Earthquake and 50,000ft Volcanic Eruption – Pacific Unrest Spreading (13 min)

Wyss Yim: Volcanic eruptions and climate variability (55 min)

Weather Warfare & Carbon Black Dust (1:32 min)

Everyone is lying

Everyone is lying

These videos are very  good especially the second one from Diamond (Recommended). In the first video we see how it is getting much colder in parts of the USA and the effect of Hunga-Tonga on the climate is largely ignored by the media.  The second video by Diamond is excellent and refers to a paper by Zharkova.  It gives us a time frame to work with, one that I think is correct.    The third video is the Zharkova lecture in case you missed it.

EVERYONE’S Lying!! North America’s Worst Disaster Is About To Happen!(15 min)


Frozen Mammoths In Black Muck – Solar Outbursts – Volcanic Eruptions & Solar Activity – Zharkova (56 min)

#42 – Valentina Zharkova: “in next 30 yrs, global warming prob. will be last thing in our mind” (1:22)