Clown World Elections

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Clown World Elections

The elections are deliberately being sabotaged. Sunak is running away and so is Macron.  Bidden is shitting his pants (literally).   Why is this happening?   Do they want the “far right to win?”   It looks like the right-hand Masons and “populists” are being wheeled out. The baton is being reluctantly handed from the left hand to the right hand to beat us with.

Vote for me and I will get your kids killed.  Winner, winner chicken dinner (lolz).  Sunak already has a job lined up in Californication.  Why do you think Obummer visited him last month?  I hear that big Mike needs a new chef and Sunak makes a mean curry. (lolz)

Startling Poll Results Leave Everyone Scratching Their Heads (11 min)
(and this is a “leftist” program)

Political establishment furious with Macron (19 min)