Farming and property rights

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Farming and property rights

The voice is about using indigenous populations to change property rights and is being driven by the UN/WEF agenda. They are using the same tactic globally. Destroy farming control the food. Control the food control the people. You think that I am joking? Millions starved during the Holdomor, Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” and the “Killing Fields in Cambodia”. If you read the page, it says there is lots of WA farms etc yet to be classified. The survey will be done at our expense.

They are targeting farming everywhere:

Some idiot tweeted….”look at all the land….they chopped down all the trees and destroyed the environment to farm. Many people pointed out that the land was polders and had been reclaimed from the sea. We are dealig with a bunch of stupid, propagandized morons who apparently want to starve.

In South Africa they already have rolling black-outs.  In Zimbabwe they confiscated and destroyed white farms and became a nation that was food dependent.  This only goes one way. Germany is already de-industrializing and in Holland they want to confiscate farms some of which have been in family hands for 300 years. The Covid lockdowns was a practice run for what is coming.  We now know that it was not just on Twitter that they censored. The UK military were busy doing it (Brigade 77)  and the FBI (and Homeland Security) and now we know Australia as well.  So called democratic countries were doing what they tell us that China does.   Autocrats are always afraid of the truth.

Get ready for climate lockdowns:


Net Zero becomes ZERO CARBON by 2050.  We are carbon organisms that breathe out CO2.  Zero carbon means zero animals, plants and humans.  This is a death cult.  Don’t join it.