I thought this was an enjoyable conversation. Pretty optimistic with a lot of truths.

Dan Schultz who runs a sustainable living project in the remote Siskiyou Mountains talks about focusing on our relationship with the land through permaculture/agroforestry, animal husbandry, and wildcrafting during these dramatic socio-economic changes. • Reactive vs. Proactive • Supplementing fresh produce with storable emergency foods • Just start and obtain any type of yield in your garden • Bridging form the unsustainable to the Sustainable • Solar EMP • Root Cellars • Faraday Root cellar • Canning, Smoking Drying foods for preservation • Greenhouse food diversity



Moving From Money to Food & Tribe (Dan Schultz FULL)

Future Farming

Future Farming

No more smelly germ ridden animals and no more fields of sunflowers. Thank goodness. And no more farmers. Robots and Ai will do the job.


Antikythera Mechanism Tracks Food Production Collapse on Earth

I thought this was very strange but it was reported in the Guardian and in the popular science journal Nature.  

With Jupiter increasing its auroras 10X and intense auroral ropes in Earth’s atmosphere, it appears that the 2000 year old Antikythera Mechanism is a clock for electromagnetic Earth cataclysm cycles.

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Mystery of 2,000-year-old Antikythera ‘computer’ may be closer to being solved…… Mysterious Ancient Greek Device May Be the First Computer… A Model of the Cosmos in the ancient Greek Antikythera Mechanism… Most dynamic apparition of STEVE March 13, 2021… Birth of Jupiter’s Mysterious ‘Dawn Storm’ Observed for the First Time…

Tracking food

Tracking food

The FDA is considering requiring GPS coordinates of every crop harvested, and data on when it was planted/harvested/chilled/packed/shipped. Not only would this put small farms OUT of business, it effectively requires robotic automation. British Columbia has mandated livestock registration for your safety “in this age of dangerous pandemics.” The technocratic takeover of farming continues, and the stage is now set for the introduction of the blockchain/AI beast system. Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

Building the Beast System: FDA wants GPS on crops – Spinach sends email – Cow registration mandates

Life is Not Going to Re-stabilize, Now What?

Bob Kudla from Trade Genius and David DuByne of ADAPT 2030 discuss how the record money printing of the U.S Dollar will ripple through the global economy in 2021 causing incredible inflation for food and daily essentials. Bitcoin is the new store of value globally for institutional money, and with rising fuel prices, what places that will weather the financial storm which Bob discusses. Ready to protect your family?

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  • Will food price increases cause another Arab Spring globally?
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  • Why $15 an hour minimum wage won’t work
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