Interview With 82nd Airborne

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Interview With 82nd Airborne

Interesting interview from 5 March with ex-paratrooper from 82nd airborne. Very informative and still relevant.  His prediction about Ukraine collapsing by the 20th of March proved incorrect but I believe that the Russians are winning and the Azov brigades are being thrashed.

Johnny The Paratrooper (a pseudonym) spent 5 years Airborne and tours of Iraq. He has worked the basic issues of counter insurgency in real life, and mixes with specialists in the field. He gives a perspective on where Ukraine is at, whats to come, and whether they stand a chance. How likely is a counter insurgency and how much of the action is pre-planned operations with the blessing of Kissinger & Associates informal networks? How deep will the Russia CCP relationship go. Will both Russia and China experiment on the Ukrainian people with 5G surveillance systems, Smart City infrastructure, drone technology? Will their experiences translate into data to be used on Americans in the future? Is the Cold War 2.0 forming? Yes. 

The American partisan website;


120. Ukraine – Interview With 82nd Airborne – Whats To Come? (57 mins)