Israel SolarWind Pentagon

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Israel SolarWind Pentagon

Brendon O’Connell has released another video.   I keep posting his material (despite his abrasive language) because what he is saying is true. I have reached similar conclusions.  The Rothschild East India company model and Israel are behind the current push for global dominance.  They control everything.  They are the Beast.  And they hate Christianity. So, if his swearing etc upsets you I am sorry but you still need to hear the content.  O’Connell felt the full weight of the Israeli state as they tried to crush him. He is still traumatized and frustrated by what happened. It is a shame that it detracts from his message but it is understandable. Most people would have given up….it takes a certain kind of doggedness and stubbornness and irascibility to continue under such circumstances.  What makes me wonder is why he lodged for UN refugee status. The UN is a globalist institute. However, even they have to abide by their own rules and there are still member nations that do not toe the line with regards to Israel.  Moreover, his request is documented and available for all to see.

I do believe they are getting ready to use a system wide kill switch and I believe that they will use food as a weapon.

 So, here goes….grit your teeth and watch…it is worth it.


Show Notes

Just send people to these three videos and ALL the hacking is explained…2½ years ago. Its all coming out now. Microsoft Israel Russia. 6. COVID KILL SWITCH | ISRAEL & MICROSOFT, HOW THEY SUBVERT AMERICA…… 7. COVID KILL SWITCH | ISRAEL & UNIT 8200 TAKE OVER NEW YORK & PENTAGON…… 8. COVID KILL SWITCH | A FEW GOOD JEWS – DEM PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFULS AMBUSHED ON THE STREETS…ISRAEL…… My laptop has been out of commission for two days. Power constantly off. Internet down. I had a proper start for the video but lost it all. A specific video on Solar Wind etc was lost. I feel the end as we know it is very close. PLAYLIST – RATS IN THE RANKS… MOBILE BTC – 1FXTuR8vPYAkwVuTr15p86ZwEUmkpVLdq7 BCH – qqhnn9pts9hdrzm2n8vvf5mvnee7nw2gw5neugv89n ETH – 0x076C06ba1fAbe73bcD5105027C1C7AA8a0F44dF7 LTC – LKhLQECrB5Kf6gPWcAxhxyb6Pu2ih18KaQ Acc Name: Brendon L. OConnell Bank: St George Bank, Perth, Central Business District Acc No: 055164731 BSB: 116879 SWIFF Code: SGBLAU2S UN Refugee Application | Brendon Lee O’Connell – 100MB PDF file!x6hDWYaR!GOaK-TCZBF…