Prophecy Event 2021 (part 2)

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Prophecy Event 2021 (part 2)

Critique of World Prophecy Event 2021: Through his policy Deceit will Prosper (Part 2).

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This is where all your Russian disinformation is coming from:

I forgot to add this segment but placed it separately under the following heading:

Prophecy Event relies on Fake News

How can anyone rely on CNN regarding reporting on Russia?


Supporting exposition and commentaries PDF versions

The Shema and Bar Kochba: the false messiah and 666, March 2018,1-9


Daniel and Temple theology, March 2018,1-4


Pattern Recognition in the Apocalypse (PRITA), Biblaridion Media, 2018, 695 pages


See the main website for the HTML version (read online):

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