Ukraine and Transhumanism

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Ukraine and Transhumanism

This is really an interesting video because it demonstrates that the Ukraine is a test-bed for the NWO.    Not just the bio-labs but they are also at the forefront of pushing digital ID and linking it to vaccines and also to income.  They are even doing it during the war.  Before you watch the video by Mark from Housatonic have a look at the following thread which is still up on twitter even-though they closed the thread.

The Ukraine seems to be ground zero. Utterly corrupt and captured by the deep state and various Soros NGOs.  It is run by thugs and criminals and was brutalized and traumatized by its past history (Holdomor). Destroyed by Communists and Nazis.  History does not repeat but it rhymes. The Jews back then played a big had in destroying the Ukraine and collectivizing the farms. Now more than 90 years later those farms are being used to cause global shortages.



PDF back-up here

Ep 138.1: Ukraine, digital IDs, and bio surveillance in the USA homeland (59 min)


Welcome to Digital Hell (18 min)