Cold as Mars

Cold as Mars

Climate Solutions (6 min)

1/18/2023 — No Sound — Documentation of the Shreveport Louisiana RADAR pulse “HAARP ring” (9 min)

When You Realize SAHARA Proves a GREAT FLOOD Actually Happened (7 min)
Yep, Noah’s flood is true.

EVERYONE’S Lying!! North America’s Worst Disaster Is About To Happen! (22 min)

St Andreas is bad but I would be more worried about a Cascadia type earthquake. I don’t want anyone to die but if California dropped to the bottom of the Pacific it would solve a lot of problems.




Anomalous Hole

Anomalous Hole

Looks like theories about the global electric circuit are delivering more and more evidence. This is very interesting and I except Suspicious Observers.

How Stars Outburst, Energetic Climate, Methane | S0 News Dec.7.2021 (5 min)

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Methane Release:… Planetary Nebulae:… Acrcetion Outburst: IMF and Polar Cap Arcs: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Night Sky Brightness at Sunspot Min: IMF and Penetration Electric Fields:… Protons Underappreciated:….

There Was No Cascadia Seismic Swarm – Why the Blanco Fault Zone Earthquakes Are Fun, Not Fearsome (4 min)

Recent seismic activity on the Blanco Facture Zone has drawn out the fear mongers in droves! Why the Blanco Fault Zone Earthquake Is Fun, Not Fearsome USGS Latest Earthquakes Geologic Map Of Cascadia With Faults Cascadia Subduction Zone

Cumbre Vieja Eruption On La Palma Is The Largest In 1000 Years & Soon To Become The Longest Eruption (10 min)

The eruption continues at similar, generally low intensity as yesterday, with a slight uptick in ash emissions that reached again up to 3,000 m altitude and drifted northeast Eruptive activity continues on La Palma latest quakes near La Palma volcano: past 24 hours La Palma Eruptive History Map of the Cumbre Vieja rift on La Palma showing historical lava flows of this study -modified after Carracedo et al. (1999) 06/12/2021 Centros de emisión de la parte alta del volcán. Erupción La Palma IGME… LIVE: La Palma Volcano Eruption in the Canary Islands…

Advanced Catastrophism

Advanced Catastrophism


Our Book “The Next End of the World”:



Iceland Eruption Update – Livestream Camera At The Fissure – Latest Developments

Overview of the eruption in Geldingadalur in Fagradalsfjall mountain The Friday night eruption follows months recording tens of thousands of earthquakes Reykjanes peninsula – earthquakes Beint vefstreymi frá eldstöðvunum LIVESTREAM


This is more than 24 hours old and Mike is experiencing buffering problems with dropped frames.  He has a satellite uplink so I am not surprised with all the electric interference and metal particulates.  If you see anything interesting (articles) in the video just pause it. One of the main reasons I posted this is because of the bill that has been introduced H 5135 on Jan 25 (2021) for consideration by the State of Rhode Island General Assembly called the Geoengineering Act (relating to Health and Safety):