China Story

China Story

So much for technocrats and long term planning.  Trump was right when he said everything woke turns to shit, but so does long term technocratic centralized planning. The law of unforeseen consequences or is it Murphy’s law?   Do you think AI will be any better.  It is the carnal mind on steroids. 

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46% increase in death

46% increase in death

Nursing homes in the UK are already seeing a 46%  increase in death after the administration of the vaccine.   You think this is a “conspiracy theory” ?   This was reported in the Guardian Newspaper who reported that it was caused….

" the more transmissible variant of covid-19 breaches care home defenses"

Nothing to see here…move along.  Scores of people catching covid and dropping dead after the vaccination is a “coincidence”.


 Coincidence theorists

People who believe this are “coincidence theorists”.  We warned that injecting mRNA (gene therapy experiment) would suppress leukocytes (white blood cells) and make people more vulnerable.  However, it is worse than that because you are changing your genome into a spike protein making factory. Your immune system does not whether it is coming or going. The second dose will probably see auto immune reactions (cytokine storms). We told you so. This is sinister and evil and starting to look like a genocide.  See our previous article:

Coincidence Theorists


Just how stupid are you?

We also told you that the vaccine would not confer immunity and that you would need to continue to wear masks etc.  We were right again.  But carry on living in denial thinking it will all go away.